Hardest Cube Game Cheats: Tips, Tricks and Walkthrough

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The Hardest Cube Game is a brand new insanely difficult game for iOS created by redBit games who seem to have a soft spot for these enraging titles. Completing each level is mostly a matter of perfect timing and great reflexes – and we can’t help you with that, but we can try and help with some Hardest Cube Game cheats: tips and tricks for the iPhone and iPad game that you’ll love. Or hate, it doesn’t matter, but you will still play it over and over again.

The first few levels of the game are just teaching you the basics of the Hardest Cube Game, so make sure you learn the mechanics. Probably the biggest and most difficult task you will have will be that of getting used with the control scheme: your square moves slow and the virtual joystick is extremely sensitive to movements, so even a short nudge upwards or downwards will influence the direction of your square.

hardest cube game cheats

Generally, it’s good to know that you won’t be able to outrun moving obstacles (with very few exceptions) and most of the times you will have to go through them by perfectly planning your moves. When it comes to planning, follow the moves of all the obstacles, learn the routes and find the perfect moment to move. There will always be safe areas that you can “rest” in but also moments when you’ll always have to be on the move. Remember the Hardest Cube Game level 1 – 8? That was a tough one where you had to always be on the move – sometimes you have to just do that!

Be patient. Although the game will drive you crazy and you’ll want to keep moving, it’s usually better to just sit and wait and plan your next move. Patience will drive you forward in this title and you will have better chances of completing each level. The controls are very strange, even after you get used to them, so patience will do better than trying to outrun and outreflex (if there’s such a word) the game.

Take breaks. Remember when playing Flappy Bird and getting all angry and not being able to do anything in the game? Something similar will happen in Hardest Cube Game for iOS, so it would be really wise to take breaks and come back to the game when you are completely calm. You will see that you will do a lot better.

As you can see, there’s not really much to say right now since it’s a game where reflexes and strategy matter the most. We’re working on creating a Hardest Cube Game walkthrough for all stages after the seemingly impossible level 1-8, so make sure to check back soon for more!


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