Guild Quest Tips, Cheats and Strategy Guide

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Guild Quest is a really unique, one of its kind idle clicker / strategy game. It’s not much about clicking as it is about time management and strategy and I am sure I’m not the only one who absolutely loves this game. And in order to make the experience complete and easier for everybody, I am here to share with you a bunch of Guild Quest tips, cheats and strategies that will help you unlock all the islands, get more cards and get a ton of money.

It’s going to be fun – but it won’t be easy! So let’s get started and find out everything about Guild Quest: cheats, tips and strategies in a guide that we’ll continue to update as we find more stuff to share with you!

1. What type of Quests to choose
There are two main types of quests you can choose from in the game, although sometimes you don’t have a choice. But for the most cases that you do, I recommend you to choose the exploration quests (the ones that don’t involve fighting).

The exploration quests give you more revenue that fighting quests and they also cause no damage to your Guildians, meaning that they can explore more and especially get past the Quests where you are forced to fight it out faster. So always choose the exploration route when possible – and always go for the one that gives you the better rewards if you have multiple choices.

2. How to manage the Guildant buildings
The buildings producing the Guildians are limited on each map as you only have a few spots for placing the buildings. Their total number is also divided between all the islands you have, so a bit of micromanagement is extremely important. But until then, let’s see how to upgrade them in order to get instant results.

There are two types of upgrades you can apply, each costing more and more as you progress through the game: you can increase the maximum number of Guildians the building can hold at any given time and the Spawn time.

You should focus on the latter at first and always have it as low as possible: it’s better to be able to produce new Guildians quickly, as they will disappear either when they will be destroyed in battle, or when they complete the final quest available on the island.

So keeping a steady flow is what matters. Keep an eye on the number of Guildians you produce: as soon as your building starts to reach the limit, increase the number as well by 1 or 2 – otherwise, it makes little sense to increase the limit.

But micromanaging your Guildian buildings matters a lot in Guild Quest: you only have a limited number of buildings you can construct and so many islands to explore! Fortunately, you can go back to previous islands and simply destroy one or more of the buildings there.

Basically, for completed islands, you can easily keep just 1 or 2 buildings producing Guildians as that should be enough: as you progress through the game, their stats will increase anyway and going through the earlier quests won’t require as many as it was required when you first played on the island.

Either way, have this in mind: if you run out of buildings, you can always go back to previously completed islands and destroy them, then use them on the new island. Even better, the upgrades you have purchased will not be destroyed, so if you decide to rebuild something there, you’ll start with the upgrades already in place.

3. Max out all Quests in completed islands
Once you complete an island, it still produces gold for you if you have Guildians on that island (and you should for getting more chests from the Boss Battles!) Therefore, it’s wise to max out the levels of all the Quests on completed islands in order to increase the revenue, as well as max out the Guildian producing buildings in order to have high numbers and quick spawn times.

4. You can reset Quests as well
Just like destroying your Guildian buildings and rebuilding them on another island, you can change the quests on any island. This is good to remember if you get a card that greatly boosts the revenue from a quest: if it’s a battle quest, switch to a better paying one, exploration if available. If it’s an XP boosting quest, then simply switch to a battle quest or increase the battle level to maximize the gains.

5. Create “meeting points”
Although the game doesn’t really have that, I came up with the term and I find this strategy extremely useful, especially on new maps as it helps you amass larger numbers of Guildians for future battles. Here is how this works:

After unlocking a few quests, you will be forced to choose a battle quest. Immediately after this one, the next quest you unlock should be an Expedition. Level up and max out this expedition immediately: it will take a lot more to complete, so more troops will have time to gather there and make future battles easier to win.

I apply this after each battle quest and it works like a charm! Of course, after unlocking everything, you will start maxing out the levels of all quests – but this is useful when you just start playing on an island.

6. Leave the game running
If you keep the game running (overnight, for example), you will max out the number of chests you receive, as you will receive one for each boss that your guildians defeat. If you leave the game, you will only get one single chest per boss, meaning that you will actually lose a bunch of chests as well. You can do the same while during the day: launch the game and let it run to maximize chest gains.

So as you see, we don’t have (yet) any real cheats, but we’ll make sure to update this article when we find them. Until then, I hope that our Guild Quest tips and tricks will come in handy. If you have strategies of your own to share with the world, please do so by posting a comment below.


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