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Are you having Gmail login issues? Then follow our guide to resolve your Gmail Sign in problems. And also learn everything you need to know about Google’s email client.

Gmail is a free email service provide by Google, it is very likely that you have an account with them, or even multiple email accounts. As with any service that requires you to login you may from time to time have issues with that.

If you are having Gmail login issues, this article with provide you tips and suggestions on how to resolve those issues, whether your Gmail Sign in problems are local (your computer/internet connection) or on Gmail’s side.

There is nothing worse then needing to access your email and having Gmail login problems that prevent you from doing so.

Google launched Gmail on April 1, 2004. When it launched it was one of the first services to offer 1 Gigs of free email space, which was greater then what other free email service providers offered.

Today they allow 15 free gigs of email space which is expandable to 50 gigs.  According to a blog post by Diane Greene CEO, Google Cloud. The Gmail service has over 1.2 Billion users as of June 23, 2017.

Within that 1.2 Billion users including many start ups who use the Gmail platform to host their companies emails. 

Gmail is the largest free email service provider due to its ease of use, reliability, features and cost which is free for most users. It was also the fast app to a billion downloads on Google Store.

Gmail Login

Your Gmail login information is an import piece of information that you need to access your email account at Gmail. The gmail login contains your email address and password that you created.

The login information is also used on some third-party sites such as as a way of allowing users to access restricted areas of the site.

Since the login information is so import, it is recommend that you keep your Gmail sign in information in a safe place. We also recommend that you change your password for your gmail sign in often in order to prevent hackers from accessing your email account.

Official Gmail Links

Gmail Sign in

Gmail iphone App

Gmail Android App

Gmail Stats

Gmail has been around for about 14 years and in that time it has achieved a number of accomplishments. Some of the achievements that stood out we have listed below.

• 1.2 Billion Gmail email users/accounts
• As of 10/13 24.29% of Americans used Gmail during work hours.
• 75% of its users open Gmail on a mobile device
• As of April 2014, the average age of a gmail users was 31.
• 99.99 of spam emails were caught by gmail

Gmail Apps

While you can access your emails through’s main website, there are also other ways you can access your email and that is through the Gmail App, which is available for both Android and iOs. The apps allow you constant access to your emails.
There are also third party apps such as

  • MyEmail
  • MailWise
  • Boomerang Mail
  • Airmail

Many of these apps offer different and unique features, but one thing they all have in common is their ability to connect users to their gmail account.

Unless you require or want the addition features, most people will be satisfied by just the regular gmail app.

Gmail also has a new app called inbox by gmail which is separate from their regular app and has additional features that you may desire.

Gmail Security

Your email is the central rest point for all of your passwords, whether its your banking password or your credit cards, they all can be compromised if your email is hacked or if its login information is lost or taken. As a result it is very important to keep your email user name and password safe.

That includes resetting the password every 30-60 days, and not using the same email/user name and password on any other sites if you use them for Gmail.

I know we have a ton of passwords to remember, but remember this if one site with your login credentials is hacked, your Gmail email account is compromised then.

How to Create a Gmail Account

If you don’t already have one, setting up a new gmail account is pretty straight forward and easy.

  1. First go to

If your computer has signed into a gmail account, it will be listed in the list of accounts available to login to gmail. If those accounts are not yours, follow the next step.

  1. Select the Use another account option

That will take you to another screen, where you will have a link for more options

  1. Click on More Options

That will open a new box with two more options,

  1. Select Create Account.
  2. Fill in the details requested

If  there are no email accounts logged in from the computer your using then you’ll see  different screen once you go to the website. In that case, follow the instructions below

  1. Select Create an Account
  2. Fill in the details

During the process of setting up an account on, you will create the password needed to login to Therefore create a password that is secure, but something that you can remember.

Getting Help for your Gmail Sign in

One of the downsides to getting something for free is that there are areas where there could be gaps and with free email service like gmail one of the areas where they don’t offer a lot of live resources is the help portion.

Which is completely understandable with over 1 Billion users. They do offer an online help/forum section here you can view here.

Gmail Online Help

There are also third party gmail resource sites, however most of the services center around converting users over to Gmail. Additionally, since they are a third party, they wouldn’t have access to gmail systems if you needed your password reset for your gmail sign in.

How to reset/change your Gmail password

Your email is probably one of the most central and important points of online security. All your banking and other sites often ask for your email address to in order to send your password reset information.

Therefore, if your email account is hacked/compromised then any password reset that use that email address is compromised.

Since your email account is very important, it is suggested that you change your email password often, it would be wise to change it once every 30-60 days. Additionally, DO NOT USE a password for your email account that you use on any other site.

The reason being is that if you have the same email address/password for many online sites, if one of those sites is hacked, many hackers will then try to access your email account using the same credentials. Listed below are steps to change your email password

1. Login to your gmail account.
2. Click on the Setting Icon in the upper right hand corner.
3. Once the page loads, click on the Accounts and Import tab. (4th tab from the left)
4. Then Click on Change Password located in the Change Account Setting field
5. Enter new password.

How to recover your Gmail password

Have you ever changed your password, not use it for a few days and then forget what you changed the new password, I hate that as well. If that happens on your Gmail account, you have the option of recovering your Gmail Password.

Please note that in order to use the recover your gmail password option you will need to have the Gmail password recovery setting enabled and completed with the latest information. If you have that options setup then listed below is how to recover your Gmail Password.

1. Go To (Google’s Password Recovery Page)
2. Enter your phone or email address and click on Next
3. It Will then ask you to enter the last password you remember for that account
4. If you enter the correct password it will log you in to Gmail/ If you don’t enter the correct password it will take you the recovery page.
5. It will present you with your email address that you setup to send the recovery password to, if that information is correct then
6. Click on send
7. Recover the 6 digit code that was sent
8. Enter the Google Verification Code
9. Create a New Password then Click on Change Password Option

How to setup Gmail Password Recovery Option

In order to be able to use the password recovery option for your Gmail login, you will have to have it setup on your account. Listed below are step by step instruction on how to configure that option.

1. Go to
2. In the upper right hand corner there is a sign in option
3. Sign in to your account
4. Go to My Account in Google
5. Click on Sign-in & Security Option
6. Scroll down to Account recovery options
7. Complete the required sections

One you have completed the required information, you’ll be able to use the password recovery option the next time you forgot your password for your gmail login or any other google login and you need to reset your password.

Verifying your login history

Email is a central part of your online security. Whether your paying a bill online or using a social media site, they all require that you provide an email address. When you need your password rest that reset password link is often sent to your email account.

As a result, if your email account is compromised then all of your logins/passwords are at risk. One of the security features that Gmail offers is the ability to view your Sign in history. In order to check your gmail login history follow the following steps.

  1. Go to
  2. Login with your sign in information
  3. scroll down to the bottom of the page
  4. Click on a link that is called details

When you click on the details link it will open a new page detailing every your recent logins to your gmail account, along with the IP addresses.

Please note that if you connect to your gmail account via the iphone mail app, the IP and IP Location maybe different depending on your location and cell phone tower that your phone connects to when you connect to your gmail account.

Using Gmail Account Login on Third Party Sites

Since having a account is fairly common many sites have turned to using the Gmail user name as the standard login for their sites. In doing so it allowed users to access the third party site without having to create a special or separate user name and account. 

However as sites are being hacked more commonly many security professionals have concerns about using your main email login on other sites.

Yes its convenient but it comes with increased risk. Besides the possibility of having the third party site hacked, using a gmail login for their user name/password also gives hackers another site where they can try using your user name and password to guess your password.

If you want to use the site but are concerned about security. Create a new gmail account for those type of third-party accounts. Don’t use that email address for anything else. Also remember to keep checking your account login history for any suspicious activity.

Another helpful tip is to change your password every 30 days. In theory you should be doing that every 30 days for all of your accounts.

Don’t use Gmail, but use hotmail instead? Having login problems as well? Read out guide on Hotmail login problems.


Gmail has been around for almost 14 years now. What propelled gmail to become the largest free email service provider (reliability, ease of use, extra storage) are still in place now.

Due to the popularity of gmail, many sites have accepted and used a user’s gmail sign in information as their login to membership portions of their sites.

Due to the gmail login widely used, we cannot stress enough how import to change your password often, at least monthly. The guide to change your password is provided above.

In closing Gmail is a great product which has reached over a billion users, and while gmail may not offer the help your looking for, hopefully our instruction guides on how to setup a new gmail account or how to change your gmail password for your login are helpful and resolve your issues.


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