Girls’ Frontline Combat Tips & Strategy to Keep On Winning

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The amazing Girls’ Frontline has finally made its way to mobile in English and we are loving to control the T-Dolls in battle. But what about actually winning all battles and making sure that you’re doing everything right for your squad?

Our Girls’ Frontline combat tips and tricks will help you achieve victory and make sure that you use the real guns to do some real damage and get the most out of this game.

So if you’re wondering what can be done for you to improve your game, wonder no more and read below our Girls’ Frontline tips and tricks for combat.

General team layout & composition
Choosing the best T-Dolls for setting up your perfect team is the most important decision you will make in the game. Usually, the type of weapons you choose is the most important, and our recommendation is this:

Always have 3 damage per second units in your squad (like AR, RF or even MG who deal a bit less damage). Then for the next two slots, either go crazy with 2 SMGs, or a bit more traditional with a HG and SMG combo. I personally prefer the latter, although some of the bosses require the extra power of the SMG.

Don’t put anything in the first row!
This is a neat little trick that helps your tanks and eventually entire squad take less damage: place your tanks in the second row, with your other units at the back.

This way, when enemies come in, they will have to move in closer in order to fire at you, while your weapons will start causing damage instantly. This gives you a few precious moments and keeps your tanks healthier and happier.

Evasion and dodge are extremely important
Especially when dealing with the difficult boss fights, you should always prioritize the evasion and dodge skills over hit points when making your choice (with DPS being an obvious choice).

Both evasion and dodge are great skills to have because of the way health and damage dealt works in the game and carries over.

Trick slow enemies
Some of the slower enemies in Girls’ Frontline can be easily tricked to delay their shots even longer if you use your tanks as bait and move quickly.

This goes great, for example, for the Nemeums battles during the night. They take forever to start shooting, so here is what you can do when facing them: place a tank character in the front row and, when the enemy is about to shoot, move them back in the 2nd row, then immediately back in the front one.

This will cause the Nemeums (or other slow characters) to lose their shot animation and start a new one. Rinse and repeat and you will be able to win the battle without them even getting a single shot towards your team!

The same strategy can be applied to many of the bosses in the game, but it usually works with their special attacks only. This takes a bit of practice and knowing how each boss works, but once you do, you can easily use the method described above to have them miss their special attacks and therefore save your team a ton of damage!

So these would be our tips and tricks for mastering combat in Girls’ Frontline. If you have some extra strategies of your own, make sure to share them in the comment section below.


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