Get Your Puzzle Tapping Fix with Tap Rush on iPhone

Australian developers Digital Online Media are bringing us Tap Rush on iPhone and iPad, a block busting experience for those who want to keep their puzzle solving skills going.

A block matching game filled with amazingly cute animations, power-ups to boost up your play time and even social options to let your friends know that you keep crushing them – and play against them in multiplayer, Tap Rush also has the big advantage of being available as a free download from the App Store, and this always matter because if you are like me, you too love free games.

Tap Rush is the perfect game to play anytime anywhere, even while you are waiting at the airport, picking up their children from school, waiting for dinner to cook, while you are in your bed or just for the fun of it. And since it’s free, you can check it out right now over at the iTunes store.


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