Gameloft’s Blitz Brigade for iOS Looks Amazing

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Many people don’t really dig Gameloft because they’re one of the big guys in the iOS game development world, but we must agree that they did bring us some of the best iOS games in the past and I think they’re about to put another hit on the market with Blitz Brigade, an apparently amazing FPS game that we’ll end up loving.

Set in WWII, Blitz Brigade is a team-based shooter featuring different player classes, vehicles, multiple gameplay modes and single player challenges, all presented in a unique art style. This unique art style is actually an incredible cartoonish style, with some colorful visuals and funny explosions to deliver the eye candy. And for some reason – or maybe all the obvious reasons – Blitz Brigade makes me think about Team Fortress, and if Gameloft manage to deliver something even remotely as fun as the PC game, I think we have a new hit.

The game will be also released on Android, so it would be nice for this team-based shooter to have cross platform play, in a war of the operating systems that we’d all love to take part in.

Gameloft promises to reveal more details about their shooter “soon” – and the release date has the same date stamped on it, but until then we can check out the Blitz Brigade trailer and get really excited about what we’re getting… soon!

What do you think about Blitz Brigade? Does it look like something you’d like to play right now?


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