G5 Releases Red Crow Mysteries: Legion to the App Store

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A spooky new adventure is ready for you on iOS powered devices, as G5 Entertainment and Cateia Games launch Red Crow Mysteries: Legion to the App Store, challenging you with a not so easy task: that of saving mankind from a terrifying fate.

In Red Crow Mysteries: Legion, you play a “gifted” young girl who wakes to find “something” went horribly wrong. You’re informed by your dead mother’s ghost that you were gifted with special powers that should help you in your battle between good and evil. Now you’ll be tested to prove you are strong enough to defeat Legion. You will need to explore dark and eerie locations to find clues, search for special items and solve tricky puzzles. Pass the ultimate test, defeat the impending threat and preserve the world as we know it.

An adventure game with great graphics and a great horrifying soundtrack, Red Crow Mysteries: Legion is available as a free download with the option to unlock the full game if you want to. There’s also a hot promotion going on and if you purchase it by May 5th, you only pay $2.99, so hurry up to the App Store and download Red Crow Mysteries: Legion!


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