Fusion Pics Answers: All Levels Here

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We have had a great time playing Fusion Pics on our iPhone and we decided to share with you all the correct answers in order to help you get the advantage, especially in multiplayer matches against your friends and strangers. We started publishing the Fusion Pics answers a little while ago, but decided to group them all into one place to make everything a lot easier for you and finding the image of your puzzle simpler. So we have here the Fusion Pics answers for all levels!

Simply click the links below, leading to the articles with the answers and keep them open for future reference. Just check them out and scroll through the images and you’ll immediately find the one you are looking for. Good luck!

Fusion Pics answers: Level 1 – level 20
Fusion Pics answers: Level 21 – level 40
Fusion Pics answers: Level 41 – level 60

We’re still playing the game and working hard to complete more levels to help you out. Make sure to check back soon and see when we’re posting new content!


Fusion Pics Answers: Level 41 – Level 60 Cheats

Cartoon Quiz Answers: Level 1 – 1 to 1 – 40


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