Fratty Cup Cheats: Tips, Tricks and Strategy Guide

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Fratty Cup is a simple game in concept: Flappy Bird-style, you have to control a ball through different obstacles. And since this is a lot easier said than done, we are here to share with you a set of Fratty Cup cheats: tips, tricks and strategies to guide you through as many obstacles as possible and help you get a Fratty Cup high score like no other.

So put your device away for a while and check out our Fratty Cup tips and tricks below for the addictive iPhone game!

1. Don’t be afraid of the fall
No, we’re not talking about the season, but the fall of the ball. Most of the time, you get the impression that the ball is falling too fast and you have to tap to keep it alive. Usually, if you do so, you will hit the top margin of the column and it will be game over. So accept the fall, get used to it and only then you can start playing Fratty Cup like a pro.

2. Last moment tapping
This is what you should do, most of the time: tap exactly when your ball is milliseconds away from crashing. This ensures that you won’t hit the top margin. Another good strategy, but it’s dependable on how the obstacles are generate is to stay low for most of the time and tap before hitting the lower column, creating an arch that gets your ball just over that bottom column. This way you completely avoid the risk of hitting the top one but as I said, it all depends on what the game throws at you.

3. Keep your calm
Staying calm when playing a game like Fratty Cup is vital for your high score (and the well being of your iPhone). So if you’re starting to get angry because of failure after failure, try to get back on track – take a short break, take your mind away from the game and only return when you’re 100% calm and ready for battle.

4. Be well rested
The first day with Fratty Cup was after a sleepless night and I was a complete mess at the game even after playing more than one hour. The next day, when I was well rested, my reflexes and concentrations were top notch and I was able to get all the way to 49. So be well rested when playing the game, otherwise it will be a lot more difficult.

These would be the tips and tricks for Fratty Cup for you – hopefully you put them to good use and manage to get a high score as big as possible. Good luck!


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