Food Battle: The Game – How to Beat Level 25

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Food Battle: The Game is a title that starts out like an easy RPG that you will rush through, only to prove that it’s actually really challenging and it has a lot of secrets to throw at you, some of which might seem impossible. Such it the case of the Food Battle level 25, a huge challenge and an apparently impossible to beat stage.

We are here to share with you how to beat level 25 in Food Battle: The Game, so read on!

The problem usually comes in this level when you use your hammer to hit the posts, and they are not moving when the hammer hits them. There’s a trick involved here, and the game is completely doable. Here’s what to do:

After going to the room where you have to use the hammer for everything, make sure you have enough energy to hammer the three that pop up. The order in which you hit them might be important too: start clockwise, with the one farthest from the door.

After you do this, another hammer post will pop up and you have to hit it too to be able to complete level 25 in the game. Hope it helps and good luck with all the challenges – hopefully more levels are coming soon!


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  1. I found that if you go up to the gate ( the one you are trying to open by smashing the posts) and use your curo gun you can shoot through the wall and get the star and two chests with out having to waist time trying to figure out how to open the door. Give it a shot it worked for me 🙂


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