Food Battle The Game: How Do You Use Launch Pads / Jump Pads

In order to truly master Food Battle: The Game, you really must play a lot and unlock content in future levels, content that you will then use in already completed levels, but to master them. Such is the case of the Launch Pads or Jump Pads in Food Battle.

And since many people are having a really hard time figuring out how to use the launch pads in Food Battle: The Game and they send us messages to ask for our help, we’ve decided to write this article and answer the question.

The truth is that if you have just gotten to the jump pads or launch pads in your game, you can’t use them and you will have to return at a later date. After a specific level (level 20, to be precise, after you win the boss battle), you will receive the Chili Launcher and you will be able to use that in combination with the Launch Pads. And this is it!

Hopefully you know know everything about the launch pads in the game and you will continue playing until you unlock the special weapon, then return to use the pads to get your third star. Good luck!



      1. Sapphire Reply

        Right I’m not going to ruin it but put them all in a straight line top,bottom or middle that is what I did and it worked for me! good luck with the rest of the game! 😀 make sure to spread the news lol

  1. Meep Reply

    Okay, I’m totally confused. You don’t get the Chili launcher until level 20, but you have to have it in order to even teleport back to the home level. I’m so confused. How would I even make it to level 20?

  2. bossman123 Reply

    If you get a chilli flamer at level 20 and that will help with the launch pad then how will we get past 13 without the chilli flamer

    Smosh go learn English

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