Flutter: Butterfly Sanctuary Cheats: Tips & Tricks [Updated]

I was not really a huge fan of Flutter: Butterfly Sanctuary, but my wife found the game and couldn’t put it down since. Therefore, I asked her now to do me and hopefully you a favor and share with us some Flutter cheats or just tips and tricks for Flutter: Butterfly Sanctuary and fortunately she decided to do it. Here is what she had to say:

Flutter may seem an easy game but if you play it really smart you can be the best of the best.

The purpose of the game is to collect as many species of butterflies as you can, and it can be easier if you follow the right steps.

We have them here, so check out my Flutter tips and tricks!

Attract Butterflies: Don’t use flutterbucks to lay eggs just yet, even if it’s the quickest way to fuse them to get the max level on your butterflies. Just use the attract option as many times as you can.

You can be lucky and get some new species and max your butterflies with the less expensive way, because it’s just time consuming, nothing more. If you get some butterflies that you don’t need you can always send them to storage for more space.

Attract Flowers: Don’t forget to look everywhere for this. They appear when you collect honeydew from butterflies. They can hide behind leafs and you don’t want to miss any, they are your ticket to more species.

Collect them and fuse them so that you can get better chances when you use them to attract more rare butterflies. You can find out which flower will get you an unknown species if you check your Flutterpedia.

If you open the unrevealed butterflies you will see the location, the rarity of the butterfly and the size. 100% attract flower is 100% chances for that butterfly to get in your hands. Use them wisely!

Fuse and Max Level Butterflies: When you have more butterflies of the same species you can fuse them together and create a stronger butterfly by collecting pollen.

You need five butterflies to completely upgrade a butterfly and for every level you want to upgrade you will need more pollen.

When you click the butterfly it will show you how many times you fused it by filling your butterfly turning it gray at first and golden after you level it up with pollen. Max leveling it, it will get extra honeydew every time you collect.

Pollen Flowers: You should use the Flutterbucks to upgrade the pollen flowers. They are very important to max level a butterfly. The higher the level is on a pollen flower, the more pollen you’ll get for the same amount of honeydew.

You can put your flower in work shifts even if you don’t need pollen at the moment.

You can use it later and it will be easier to level up and not have to wait so long for the flower to make the pollen. The faster way to get pollen is to use 5 honeydew every 30 seconds, so you’ll always have something to do.

How to get more Flutterbucks: You can earn flutterbucks by completing goals, butterflies collections, max level complete butterfly collections, catching petals till they disappear and clicking bugs.

Sometimes the bugs will only give you honeydew, but from time to time they will give you one flutterbuck.

Just don’t miss any and you’ll surely get some extra flutterbucks. Catching petals by flying you butterflies into them will get you honeydew at every hit, but for the last hit you will always get one flutterbuck.

Having every unknown species in a butterfly collection will get you some good flutterbucks, see your flutterpedia to know how much for each collection.

Also if every butterfly in that collection is max leveled you will get even more flutterbucks. Don’t hurry to use your flutterbucks to lay eggs so that you can max level a butterfly, be patient, see first if it is worth it and if the attract hole is not giving you what you need.

Completing goals will give you flutterbucks or honeydew. If it’s a goal that you need to use flutterbucks in order to complete, make sure you use as little as possible.

The more time you wait, the less flutterbucks you need to hurry the butterfly, the pollen flower, or the caterpillars.

Goals: Always check the list of goals to see what is available to you. You can be close to completing a goal without knowing!

Catching floating seed for example is one of the goals you need to know about because the dandelion flower appears from nowhere and you have to use a butterfly to scatter the seeds and then use all the butterflies around to collect the seeds as fast as you can because there is not much time till the seeds disappear.

Forest Expansion: The more expansions you get, the more room you will have in your forest for all your butterflies. You need more and more honeydew for the expansion as it gets more expensive with each buy.

You need to clear every patch of forest five times with the amount of honeydew written above the patch.

Every time you clear a part of the patch, the amount increases. On every patch you will see either a butterfly shape or a pollen flower shape and you will know what it hides behind the patch you want to clear.

Storage and Selling: When you don’t have enough room for your butterflies, you can send them to storage till you make room. Attracting butterflies or laying eggs requires space so you need to move some butterflies away for a time.

If the storage gets full and you have some butterflies you don’t need anymore you can sell them.

They will not get you much, except for the ones they reached max level. For normal, not maxed butterflies, you’ll get just a few honeydew, and for the ones max leveled you’ll get a few flutterbucks.

But it’s not worth it starting a business of raising butterflies and selling them when they reach max level, because it will cost you more to raise them than what you will get out of them.

If you follow all these tips and tricks you will get every butterfly in Flutterpedia. So get busy, breed your butterflies, keep your attract hole always at work and you will reach every goal and complete every collection in your book!

And since the original publishing date was several years ago when the game first launched, you might want to share some extra tips and tricks with fellow readers below.



      1. Shawnette Reply

        The only ones (butterflies) I have seen that have “abilities” have been the group that you had to use the Shamricks to attract or receive. Each one of those four have an ability. If you have them, click the butterfly and a button on the bottom pops up next to the lay an eg button. It is a blue scope (circle with cross hairs on it) and it says READY or RESTING. Press it and that butterfly uses its “ability”. Example the Green one has a trail of Shamrocks behind it as it flies. The Holly Blue one has the “ability” to upgrade the attraction flowers that you collect around the Forrest. BUT CLICK THE ABILITY BEFORE YOU PICK (click on) the attraction flower. IF YOU PICK IT FIRST the screen will come up and say “this ability isn’t available because there are no attraction flowers present”
        Hope this has helped!!!!

        Fellow FLUTTER Nut!

      2. Lourdes Reply

        The ability just depends if your butterfly has one available butyou need to max level first to reach the ability. Then it willltell you how long it will take to recharge in your flutterpedia. After that all you have to do is touch your butterfly (after taking it to its max level) and touch the ability button it should be gold and blue colored its very bright you definitely can not miss it, its on the right side usually.

      3. LittlePixelated Reply

        you can activate it in the Flutterpedia once your butterfly reaches max level. You can tell if it’s max level because of the blue shine that surrounds your butterfly 🙂

      4. LittlePixelated Reply

        you can activate it in the Flutterpedia once your butterfly reaches max level. You can tell if it’s max level because of the blue shine that surrounds your butterfly 🙂

  1. Jules Reply

    Under goals, How do you “zoom fully in” to get the one flutter buck?
    Why do some of my attract flowers say I can’t currently use them?

    1. June Reply

      some of the attract flowers can’t be used because the butterflies they are used to attract are not available to you yet. you have get a certain butterfly score to be able to unlock new species. you get butterfly scores by leveling up the butterflies

      hope that this helped

  2. Pam Reply

    Why can’t I attrack new butterflies? Even when I use the rite flowers I don’t get new butterflies, an my friend dosent use no flowers an she gets new butterflies, an I have more butterflies leveled up than she does

    1. Shawnette Reply

      The incubator in the middle is random on what eggs it gives you. To use the attraction flowers you have to use 3 that are as high as possible or 1 100% one in order to guarantee what you are after. Anything less than a 100 % flower is a gamble! Catch the flowers by upgrading your butterflies (catching the pollen from the pollen flowers) and watch ALL over the branches to see them. Fuse duplicates to get
      Higher % of flowers. Ex: 2 10% flowers gives you 1 20% flower. 2 20% flowers will upgrade (fuse) to 1 50% flower (off mathematically I know but it does) and 2 50% flowers will guarantee you get that type. Use 1 of those with a high percentage of 2 other flowers and you are bettering your chances for the EXACT one you are after!

      Hope that helps!!!

  3. Sanne Reply

    Maybe you have to many games open?
    What you are describing sometimes happens to me when I have many games open at once..

  4. Jess Reply

    I can not figure out how to catch the falling leaves. Any tips? I got the flower petals, but not the leaves. Thanks.

    1. Sasha Reply

      You can’t catch falling leaves, they are decorative only. Only pink petals and dandelion seed pods are catchable.

  5. Nat Reply

    How do you give the Pygmy Kingfisher the butterfly he is asking for? I’m stuck on the first request for a butterfly with a catlike name. I’ve put both butterfly’s with leopard in their name, and both with tiger in their name up on the little leaf by the Kingfisher. He keeps sending them away.

    1. emilymo541 Reply

      The one he’s looking for is the small butterfly with the name ‘leopard’ if he won’t accept it, the butterfly might not be a high enough level to complete the mission. Try leveling it up a few times then try again.

      1. Zoey Reply

        Help please. The Kingfisher accepted my Leopard butterfly but then he says it’s time to fly. I’ve tried to make the butterfly fly up through the sun rays, but nothing happens. 🙁

    1. Weezie Reply

      You have to have a high enough butterfly score to unlock the epic tier of butterflies and the flowers. The number in the upper right-hand corner is your score and if you click on it and scroll, you can see what you still need to unlock.

  6. Tanya Reply

    @Andrew, Kathryn etc. If you’re playing on your phone and the start screen is frozen, restart your phone. Mine freezes at least once a day and when I restart and try opening again it’s fine:)

  7. K Reply

    Branch, sap and leaves are used to expand the storage room. This way you can store more butterflies in there.

    Can anyone tell me the exact region, size and rarity of the butterflies that have abbilities? I haven’t found one yet. I have quite some flowers and a score of 845, but I wouldn’t know what species to attract to get abbilities…

  8. Kasea29 Reply

    When u get a butterfly with special powers try to get more than one especially the “hurry an egg” and “hurry a catapillar” it helps to make things go a little faster

  9. Flutterjan Reply

    I had that happen on my iPhone.. Solved the problem by rebooting…shut my phone down, and then when turned back on, the game rebooted and all was good.

  10. Iri Reply

    When I share butterfly, or a set (when it says it’ll give me flutterbucks) I don’t get any flutterbuck. The goal is not done either in the flutterpedia. Why is that? Do I have to change some settings somewhere for these shares to count?! Thanks!

    1. PhoenixTRR Reply

      Some goals have a bug of not sharing, I share on Facebook then close game inc running app, then reopen game go to book goals and claim if you can.

    2. Liza Reply

      It didn’t work for me when I tried sharing using google, but it did work when I shared with Facebook. You have to completely exit the Flutterpedia after you’ve shared for it to register that you did it and give you your reward.

    1. PhoenixTRR Reply

      Push on butterfly then push on ability tab, if its ready press it and butterfly will move fast, that is all it does.

  11. Nay Reply

    In regards to the butterflies with abilities, how do i work them? what do they do?
    i have a tibetan cupid who when i activate leaves a trial of little love hearts..but what do they actually do?


  12. Brian Reply

    I got this for my daughter and she is loving it. However, we keep getting twigs and don’t know what they are for. Any ideas about the twigs?
    Thank you

    1. PhoenixTRR Reply

      Twigs leaves and sap are all needed to expand your storage area, go to inventory and then storage then to the end of it and you will see your supply of these for expansion

  13. Emily Reply

    Does anyone have like a list of what I can get from every mission? I despretly need epic flowers right now and I know that if I choose a specific mission I will get one, I just don’t know which one..

    1. Heidi Reply

      I don’t have that but if you go to the store every day they have 4 flowers you can buy with pollen and I’ve gotten a large variety. It’s the best! Just make sure you get the ones you buy with pollen and not flutterbucks

  14. TinyDancer Reply

    Thank you for the clarifications/explanations – very helpful! (good to know I was actually playing correctly for the most part! 🙂 I’m HOOKED for sure – daily player ♥

  15. Caroline Reply

    What do you do with the leaves and twigs you collect, the sap helps you expand the storage area but what do the twigs and leaves do?

    1. Liza Reply

      You need all three (twigs, leaves, and sap) to expand the storage area. If you don’t have enough of any one of them then you can’t expand. Generally you get a lot of twigs and leaves as rewards. It’s the sap that’s hard to come by and therefore the limiting factor when expanding the storage area. But if you’re missing twigs or leaves you won’t be able to expand even if you have sap.

    1. LittlePixelated Reply

      when a caterpillar becomes a chrysalis, tap on it and use a flutterbuck(s) to speed it up. I would only speed it up when it’s nearly done to get 1 extra flutterbuck.

      Hope I could help! 🙂

  16. Miranda Reply

    When i start flutter it freezes and says: Sorry, there was no reply from server.
    I cant get in on flutter, cause that pops up all the time. Have turned my phone of two times and tried to start it again but it doesnt work? what should i do?

      1. Faisal Reply

        Butterflies such as Paradise Phantom and Common Bluebottle have the ability to hurry a butterfly. upgrade them and use their abilities then ^^

    1. Faisal Reply

      Butterflies such as Paradise Phantom and Common Bluebottle have the ability to hurry a butterfly. upgrade them and use their abilities then ^^

    1. Faisal Reply

      Butterflies such as Paradise Phantom and Common Bluebottle have the ability to hurry a butterfly. upgrade them and use their abilities then ^^

    1. Liza Reply

      No, you have to pick them so that they’re in your inventory in order to increase the percent. Once you have 2 or more in your inventory you can fuse them to increase the percent. Fuse two 10% flowers to create a 20% flower. Fuse two 20% flowers to create a 50% flower, and fuse two 50% flowers to create a 100% flower.

  17. Annie Mae Reply

    I do not have Facebook. (Astonishing, I know) Soo.. How do I get the amigo set??? I have already completed several limited sets and maxed several regular sets.. Just no amigo…

    1. Faisal Reply

      Butterfly such as Paradise Phantom and Common Bluebottle have the ability to hurry a butterfly. upgrade them and use their abilities then ^^

  18. Danett Reply

    I want to know what the glowing blue or yellowish lights on the butterflies mean? I cant figure out what to do with it . Thanks

  19. valerie Reply

    How do you feed the babies ? I have just started playing also what do u do with the floating petals and the dandilions?

      1. Allison Reply

        The dandelions and floating petals give you honeydew. You have to fly your butterflies into them: ) The pedals give you honeydew three times, and the last one gives you a flutterbuck. Well worth the chase.

    1. LittlePixelated Reply

      There’s a 50% chance that you’ll get 2 growing each time you harvest all your butterflies’ honeydew.
      They also have to be harvested at the same time within the same session (each time you play without you turning of your iPad or going to another app)

      Hope I could help 🙂

  20. Sydney Reply

    I can’t figure out how to catch the falling petals, i tap and tap but it just keeps floating. I’ve tried tapping and draging but same result.

    1. LittlePixelated Reply

      You drag any butterfly towards it and you will earn honeydew. The number of honeydew increases when you catch it until the 4th time, when it disappears and earns you 1 Flutterbuck.

      Hope I could help! 🙂

  21. Ray Reply

    when i watch a video i dont get any flutterbucks and it dosent register that i watched a movie, is their somting wrong,

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