Flubby World Comes to iOS

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Indie developer JumpStar Studios have just released their first title on iTunes. Flubby World is the game that we’re talking about here and judging by the first impressions, it’s hopefully just the first in a series of games from JumpStar Studios.

An incredibly fun platformer, Flubby World puts you in the shoes (so to speak, because there are no shoes in this game!) of a cute blob that wants to explore the world that he’s living in, collecting stars around the way and discovering all the secrets that the developers have hidden around. And apparently there’s a lot to uncover.

If the image above doesn’t convince you enough to give Flubby World a try, you can check out the game trailer below, because it shows more of what you should expect after paying the regular 99 cents for the game:

If you like what you see, click the link to head over to iTunes and download Flubby World!


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