Floors Game Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide for Your Best Score Yet

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Ketchapp have launched another addictive app this week on the App Store under the name of Floors – a game where you have to guide your stickman-like figure through increasingly difficult levels and jump over obstacles, while collecting red diamonds along the way. Extremely difficult and insanely addictive, this game is skill based mostly, but we do have some Floors tips and cheats for you to hopefully help you get the most out of this.

It won’t be easy – but you know that already and hopefully anything that can help at least a little bit will make your life easier, so let’s check out below some Floors game cheats and tips to help you climb up the leaderboards and unlock all characters in the Floors game app.

1. Easily unlock some extra characters
If you follow Ketchapp and the game’s developer on Twitter, you will instantly unlock two new characters. Also, if you want to double the rubies that you get and unlock a new character, you can pay for it in the character selection menu. This will instantly give you 1,000 rubies, too.

2. Master the jumping
Usually, you can easily go for the long jump (tap and hold) on most occasions, and I would suggest you do that in order to keep everything as easy as possible. However, be careful when you’re dealing with bottom and top spikes because if they are close to each other, you will need to do a short jump instead. Master the jumps and you’re already on your way to greatness!

3. Try to anticipate the next floor
What makes the game even more difficult is the fact that you have to also change your view from floor to floor and you can never know for sure where the next floor will be. But you can make your life a lot easier by anticipating and increasing your chances of spotting the right floor ASAP, therefore giving you enough time to react: in most cases, take your eyes from the floor you are about to complete after performing the successful jump. Look at the middle of the screen to be able to quickly change your eyes to the floor once it appears, but there are some occasions when you can do even better. If the floor you’re completing is at the bottom or the top, you will certainly get the next one higher or lower, so focus on that area. Try to anticipate the next floor and take your eyes from the current one as soon as you’ve performed the jump to make things easier for you!

4. Characters don’t matter
Except for the Rich Man, the character you’re playing as has no effect on the gameplay, so unlock them and use them based on your personal preferences and nothing else!

5. Take breaks
Floors is an extremely demanding app for your eyes, so you should do your best to take breaks as often as possible. I wold recommend resting your eyes for 5 minutes after every 15 minutes of playing: you will relax a bit and come back well rested and your in-game performance will be a lot better. Just try and you will see!

As I said earlier, the success you have in the game is mostly dependent on your skill, but hopefully these tips will help you get that extra push you need for a super score. Let us know if you have other advice for fellow Floors players!


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