#flappybirdproblemsnight invades Twitter with Flappy Bird Problems

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So, it seems that the world should stop right now because everybody is playing Flappy Bird. And they’re not just playing the game, they are losing (just like us all). This gave birth to an extremely popular hastag on Twitter: #flappybirdproblemsnight. They are extremely funny and I really recommend you read them to see that you’re not the only one to be in trouble.

Insider’s tip too: check out our article on how to beat Flappy Bird if you want to get the lead and change the hashtag to #happyflappybirdplayer.

Check out some of the status updates:


And there are more funny ones, like a player who can’t beat the Flappy Bird high score of 1 that he just got, or the extremely good player who can’t beat their high score because it’s too… high.

What are your Flappy Bird problems? Share them with us in the comment section below!


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