Flappy Angel Cheats: Tips & Tricks to Keep on Flapping

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A new day, a new Flappy game. Today we are talking about Flappy Angel, a pretty funny “impossible” game inspired by the now defunct Flappy Bird. And I am here to share with you some Flappy Angel cheats: a set of tips and tricks that will hopefully get you as far as possible through the pipes. Although there is no ending, unfortunately (or at least none that I was able to reach).

But enough talking, let’s check out below the App Amped Flappy Angel tips and tricks!

1. Ignore the halo
Yup, the halo is not part of your angel and it doesn’t matter if it hits the pipes or not. It’s the angel that matters, so try to mentally erase that halo from the screen. Not important.

2. Master the fall
If you don’t panic when your angel is falling and you can tap the screen exactly one millisecond before it hits the bottom pipe, then you are all set for a great score.

3. Don’t tap too much
Tapping often will also mean game over. Try to tap only when you have to, and that’s when you are about to hit the bottom pipe or quickly between the pipes to gain some height. But don’t tap too much or you’ll hit the top pipe like there’s no tomorrow.

4. Relax & take breaks
You probably know that already that you need to take breaks and be as calm as possible when playing games like this one. The same goes for Flappy Angel: you should take as many breaks as possible and make sure you’re always calm. If you play while angry, you won’t get too far. But you’ll get even angrier.

5. Don’t get too excited
Got to 20 points for the first time? Your heart starts beating fast and the next pipe is game over. That’s because you’re getting too excited. Try to remain calm while you play, don’t look at the score and focus on the tapping. This way you will get farther.

6. Make sure there are no distractions
I know that you are the multitasking master, but not when it comes to Flappy Angel! When you play this game, you only have to be focused on it alone. So don’t do anything else, don’t watch something else, don’t talk to anyone while playing and stay 100% focused on your angel. Good luck!

These would be our tips and tricks for Flappy Angel. Do you have other strategies to share? Let us know by commenting below!


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