Fantasy Forest Story Breeding List Guide & Time Required

There are a few Fantasy Forest Story breeding guides out there, but App Amped is here to share with you the most complete and complex one, the only guide so far that will help you know what kind of animal you’re going to get, before actually getting it!

But before we check out our Fantasy Forest Story breeding list with time required for each egg to hatch (which is the secret in knowing what you’re going to get), let’s talk a bit about the breeding. Basically, it’s all very simple: in order to get an animal, you must breed two animals of different elements. So if you want to increase your chances of getting a specific animal, it’s best to try and breed two basic animals (one element) instead of multiple element ones, which randomize the result even more. However, in my experience, I saw that breeding rare animals of multiple elements tends to give you rare animals more often than breeding single element animals. In the end, it’s a thing of trying and trying until you get it right.

But at least now, with App Amped’s Fantasy Forest Story breeding list guide, you will know what to expect. Below we tell you the elements that you must mix for a specific type of animal and the time required for it to hatch. The timer will always be the same (and it’s the timer of the egg!)

Fire/Nature – Fairy ferret (3Hrs)
Fire/Nature – Solar Simian (6Hrs)
Fire/Nature – Vinotaur (7 Hrs)

Fire/Earth – Armordillo (12Hrs)
Fire/Earth – Rampage (13 Hrs)
Fire/Earth – Magmacore (15Hrs)

Fire/Dark – Firefox (9 Hrs)
Fire/Dark – Ember Bear (unknown)
Fire/Dark – Cosmic Phoenix (unknown)

Nature/Earth – Plantlers (9 Hrs)
Nature/Earth – Bamboon (10Hrs)
Nature/Earth – Grassquatch (14Hrs)

Nature/Water – Turtisle (6Hrs)
Nature/Water – Aquatter (8Hrs)
Nature/Water – Ocean Owl (11Hrs)

Nature/Dark – Planther (10Hrs)
Nature/Dark – Peamoth (14Hrs)
Nature/Dark – Aurora Pegasus (16 Hrs)

Water/Earth – Rainguin (5Hrs)
Water /Earth – Iceclaw(8Hrs)
Water/Earth – Glacial Griffin (11Hrs)

Water/Dark – Chromadile (11Hrs)
Water/Dark – Chameneon (unknown)
Water/Dark – Sea Drake (17 Hrs)

Earth/Dark – Racmoon (9 Hrs)
Earth/Dark – Dream Bat (13 Hrs)
Earth/Dark – Gargolem (unknown)

Fire/Water – Skyger (7 Hrs)

Four elements – Crystal Unicorn (45 Hours)

Among the animlas used to get the Crystal Unicorn, users have reported that they had the most success with the Turtisle/Magmacore combination, as well as the Turtisle/Armordillo. In the end, you must make sure that you mix all four elements (Fire, Earth, Water and Nature) in order to have a shot at getting the Crystal Unicorn.

If you have details on the time required to hatch the animals we have no data for, please let us know by commenting below. Some of the information in this article comes from the game’s official forums.



  1. Sarah Reply

    You’re missing Vinotaur (Nature+Earth), and there’s the Onyx Ox (Dark+Fire), Volcamel (Fire+Earth), Spruce Moose (Dark+Nature), Rockodile (Water+Earth) and Chromadile (Dark+Water).

    Spruce Moose (which OUGHT to be able to fly, as that was the name of the Wright brothers’ plane (IIRC)), Plantlers, but what *I* wanna know is – where’s the Raindeer…? Guess they’re saving that for Xmas…when it’s too cold for rain (usually).

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