FaceApp: Neural Face Transformations Is the App that Lets You Look into the Future & More

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There are all sorts of apps available for our mobile phones, promising to show us how we’ll look when we get old and similar mumbo-jumbo. However, few of them do it right. FaceApp: Neural Face Transformations is one of the iPhone apps that does it right and even offers a ton of fun and exciting features.

With FaceApp you can take advantage of the advanced Artificial Intelligence that the application uses and turn yourself into an older version or even make yourself younger. This alone is something many people are curious about and it seems to get it right. Of course, only time will tell if the app was correct, but judging from the result it has with older people that it makes younger, it’s definitely spot on!

But there is even more that FaceApp: Neural Face Transformations offers: one of its features lets you add beautiful smiles on your favorite photos where you forgot to smile, and this is always a bonus.

And there’s one extra feature that few apps are offering and it’s definitely perfect for transgenders all over the world: the FaceApp allows you to use the artificial intelligence in order to show the new you after changing genders. It’s even more of a guessing game here, but people who have tried it were satisfied with the results.

In the end, this is an application that shouldn’t be taken for granted and considered as a fun experience, not more. But it could also be right and it’s definitely one of the most popular and best made apps of its kind. So give it a try, at least for fun and you can be pleasantly surprised with the results.

You can download FaceApp: Neural Face Transformations on the App Store right now for free and start using it. Get older, younger, put a smile on your face or change your gender: everything’s possible and you only need one tap to make it happen!


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