Fable Kingdom HD Cheats: Tips & Tricks Guide

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Fable Kingdom HD is a charming city building / time management game created by Game Garden and available for iPhone and iPad. Since rescuing your beloved Alice is not the easiest task, I have created this guide with Fable Kingdom HD Cheats: Tips & Tricks to help you build up the kingdom faster and make sure that you are ready for all the challenges – because there are over 200 of them ahead!

So in case you need help, or you’re just looking to improve your game, check out App Amped’s Fable Kingdom tips and tricks below and see your kingdom flourish faster:

1. Gather resources & Upgrade
Probably this is the most important step to take early on: upgrade your resource producing buildings (Garden Bed, Saw Mill and Stone Pit). All the buildings that produce resources in the game give you a better return of resources the more upgraded they are. So in order to get the most of the resources and make sure that you never run out of them, upgrade your resource producing buildings in the following order: Garden Bed, Lumber Mill, Stone Pit. Later on, when you get the chance, also upgrade the Rainbow Mine.

2. Upgrade the storage!
In order to actually be able to hold more resources, you will have to upgrade the storage of your Castle (which is not the same thing with upgrading the Castle!). Do it at least a few times to make sure that you have enough room for all the required resources.

3. Don’t produce non-stop
Resources are scarce in the game and you need to manage them well in order to make sure that you always have some at hand. However, you sometimes might get some extra ones, and there’s no real need to stack up – a good strategy is to keep producing gold and food since these are the most used resources and you have no limit for gold coins (nor should ever stop producing them). Fill up your stocks of Wood and Ore (early on, having about 120 of each is enough) and always have your buildings ready to collect, but don’t collect. This way, if you ever need more than what you have, you can simply collect the completed order (no goods spoil in Fable Kingdom HD) and keep going without having to wait.

4. Build Apple Gardens!
There is no quest early on that has you build an Apple Garden, but you will soon find quests that require items that you can find only in the apple gardens. So make sure that you have at least one built and constantly producing food.

5. Items for quests – fast orders!
Even though the rates are not that good, when you have quests that require you to gather a specific number of special items from a building, focus on producing the shortest orders. This way, you have more chances to find your items faster and, as a result, complete the mission faster!

6. Ignore the requests from citizens
Do your hovels have an exclamation mark above them? Well, you should ignore them, because these requests from your citizens rarely give you anything of value and you end up wasting resources for nothing. Of course, when you have quests that require you to complete these requests, you should do it. Also, have in mind that in order to be able to upgrade a hovel, you will have to first complete the request, and only afterwards you are allowed to go to the upgrade menu.

7. Use the bonus buildings
Even though the game doesn’t tell you about them, in the building menu you can get to Bonus Buildings – if you place them on your map, they will give you different bonuses to your resource producing buildings. They cost 1,000 coins, but in the long run, they are extremely useful, so don’t forget to build these buildings!

8. Be patient
Fable Kingdom HD is a relatively slow paced game, so you have to be very patient. There’s no rush, after all, so make sure that you are patient and slowly work your way up!

And these are the Fable Kingdom cheats: tips & tricks to help you get the most out of the game. I really hope that you found them extremely useful and that they will indeed help you save Alice as soon as possible!


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