Everything about the iPhone 6: Rumors Round-up

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Even though Apple has not made any announcements about the release of the iPhone 6, it’s pretty obvious that the new device is coming (probably sooner rather than later) and most likely this summer we’ll all be able to display our new and improved iPhone 6.

But what should we expect from the new device from Apple? We’ve checked out the press and gathered all the details about the iPhone 6 – all of them being rumors and predictions, of course, since there is no official word yet on the release of the newest model. So read on to learn everything about the iPhone 6!

So, if you can’t wait to get your hand on the iPhone 6, you might be right: most experts (and our opinion is the same) that the next iPhone will have a bigger screen and finally battle head to head against bigger screened devices from their main competitors, Samsung.

New iPhone concept by Nikola Cirkovic
New iPhone concept by Nikola Cirkovic

Since Apple is all about the design and minimalism, the iPhone 6 will follow the same rules: we should expect to get a thinner device which will also be lighter. That is thanks to the new LiquidMetal that the technology might be using to replace the Aluminum models.

The greatest innovation of the new device might come from the camera: apparently, Apple have patented a new technology that will allow them to deliver a refocusable lightfield camera. This means that the camera will go beyond the traditional 2D capture of images and offer the users the possibility to refocus the image after taking the shot. Sounds like an sci-fi movie and it only makes sense to come from Apple. And if this technology does prove to be right, photo shooting will be clearly taken to unseen heights with the new iPhone 6.

Finally, the processor power of the new iPhone will be greater – although no specific predictions are available. It only makes sense to know that it will be an improvement – hopefully a visible one – over the iPhone 5.

So… what do you think about the iPhone 6? Are you excited about it coming?


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