Escape With Mr. Bean Edition Walkthrough (iPhone, iPad)

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Escape With Mr. Bean is a really fun escape the room game from Wei Li generally known for the “Saloon” games. This time we are challenged to help the charismatic character escape from a pretty challenging apartment and I am here to help you make this challenge a reality by sharing with you a complete, step by step, text walkthrough for Escape With Mr. Bean Edition, the iPhone and iPad game. So let’s start!

1. Tap the clock on the top of the TV, then tap again to see the time: 12:00. Tap the cuckoo clock on the wall and then tap it again until it’s set at 12:00. A cuckoo will appear and drop something. Go back and take the black piece of paper from the floor.
2. Zoom in on the top shelf, then swipe away the books to the right until you fully reveal a box of matches. Take it!
3. Tap the bottom drawer under the TV and get a cracker. Then get binoculars from the bottom left desk drawer and tape from the bottom right desk drawer. Finally, take a saw blade from the bottom right drawer on the big cabinet to the right.
4. Tap the left door and enter the bathroom now. Tap the shower and use the blade (hold and drag it over) with the shower. Pick up the pipe.
5. Exit the bathroom and go left. From the right drawers, get the airplane, remote control and fish net. From the left cabinet, take rope and toy car. Finally, take the vacuum cleaner from the bottom right corner of the room.
6. Now go to the right room and use the fishing net with the fish and tap the fish to take it.
7. Go back to the left room and zoom in on the left door. Drag the cracker over and light up a match (tap on the match box, take a match, drag it over the box and take it in your inventory). Use the match with the cracker.
8. Enter the bedroom and zoom into the fish bowl. Add the fist here and after the animation get the key. Use it to unlock the drawer under the fish bowl and take the black piece of paper there.
9. From the bed stand, get the Ferris Wheel toy. From the top of it, get the apple. Turn off the lamp and get the bulb. Take a rod from under the bed (tap it twice). Also take the fishing rod from the dresser, then tap the clothes from the left to the right to reveal a pouch. Tap to zoom on it and get a piece of paper, plus a photo of the fireplace
10. Go back to the fireplace room and zoom in to the fireplace. Place the airplane there and the remote. Tap the remote, then get the two toys. Tap on the Wheel in your inventory and add the two toys. Get the piece of paper and key.
11. Go back to the room with the TV and look out the window. Drag the apple to the worm on the bottom and take the key it will dig up for you.
12. Tap the TV desk to zoom in a little, then place the red car in front of the open drawer. Add the rope to the car, then drag it up to the window. Use the key from the worm with the car and take the piece of paper.
13. Tap the hole near the fridge. Use the binoculars with it then zoom in on the key. Use the shower bit on the hole, then add the vacuum cleaner to the right side of the hole. Tap the vacuum cleaner and take the key.
14. Use the key on the fridge and get the cheese.
15. Go back to the left room and zoom in to the hole near the right door. Use binoculars and zoom in to the ants, right side. Place the cheese (which is actually cake) and an ant will bring you the piece of paper.
16. In your inventory, tap the pieces of paper and solve the puzzle to create a rectangle. You will see a code: 0118.
17. Open the door to the left of the fridge using the code and enter the room. Pick up the rope pieces, then add rods to left and right windows and tie them with the rope. Finally, add the fishing pole and the rope in the middle. Lift that trap door.
18. Enter the new area and zoom in to the lamp. Add the bulb and use the paper piece on the lamp.
19. Take a hammer, zoom in on the top of the car and open them with the hammer. Tap the cables to fix the engine, then use the key in the inventory on the lock on the door. Press the red button and you’re out!

And this was the complete walkthrough for Escape With Mr. Bean for iPhone and iPad! If you found it helpful, help us spread the word by sharing it on Facebook and other social media pages.


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