Escape If You Can Walkthrough: Level 1, Level 2, Level 3

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There is a brand new room escape game that’s getting people addicted on iTunes: Escape if You Can, a very challenging and fun escape the room game. I am here to share with you a complete Escape if You can walkthrough and we’re going to start our trip through the levels with the Escape if You Can walkthrough for level 1, level 2 and level 3!

We’re going for full text instructions here in this walkthrough, but if needed, we will also add screenshots. So let’s get it started and let’s check out the Escape if You Can walkthrough below!

Escape if You Can Walkthrough: Level 1

1. Tap the white board in the top left corner and get the crowbar.
2. Tap the TV and then the bottom left button to see the code line:

escape if you can level 1 walkthrough

3. Use the crowbar on the grate to the right of the door and tap the buttons to have the color code you can see above. You can exit!

Escape if You Can Walkthrough: Level 2

1. Tap the chair and get the ring. Notice blue number 8.
2. Tap the box on the table and use the ring with the drawer. Open it and get the key. Also notice a white 7.
3. There are more numbers to be seen: a red 3 behind the plant and a yellow 6 at the side of the table.
4. Use the golden key with the small key hole under the painting and open the safe using the numbers we’ve seen (7863). Get the big key and use it to open the elevator.

Escape if You Can Walkthrough: Level 3

1. Tap the ladder. Get the hammer near the box and then tap the ladder again. Use the hammer with the grate and tap the opening. Get the wire and notice a red 1.
2. It’s time to notice some other numbers: We have a red 3 above the door, a green 5 on the machine if we use it and a white 0 on the table under the cutter.
3. Tap the red machine and enter the code: tap the numbers to change their colors based on the numbers we’ve seen (1 is red, 3 is red, 5 is green and 0 is white). Get the screwdriver.
4. Use the screwdriver to remove the arrows near the elevator, then use the wire to connect the broken wire. You can exit!

And this is it! We have completed the first 3 levels of Escape if You can and they were pretty easy, but things are going to get a lot more complicated very soon! So stay tuned with us for more walkthrough guides for Escape if You Can!

UPDATE: We have completed the walkthrough for level 4 and 5, make sure to check it out too if you need help with the new stages!


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