Dwarven Den Level 45: How to Beat It

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One of the most difficult and apparently impossible levels in Dwarven Den is level 45, one that managed to bring us a ton of headaches. However, this is not an impossible level and you can beat it with some luck and strategy. We can’t help you with the first thing, but in terms of strategy, we have some good news: we’re here to share with you how to beat level 45 in Dwarven Den. Yes, it’s possible!

First of all, I would suggest using the Sturdy Spearhead Pick or Sturdy Jade Hammer as anything below is too weak to even grant you a chance at finishing the level. Then, you should have a strategy in place and try it over and over again until things to your way.

The first thing you should do would be to go around the middle and dig your way through the sides, avoiding the water blocks as they will attract wasps. Tech is extremely scarce in this level, so you will definitely have to wait for the right time to use it – creating tunnels, usually. So it’s a good strategy to simply rush into the monsters and get the energy penalty, but preserve tech because you really need it for your shovel. Doing this will guarantee that you will eventually be able to complete the Dwarven Den level 45.

Here is a video showing you the exact strategy I was talking about:

I am sure that now you have all the details you need to complete level 45 in Dwarven Den. Good luck!


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    • First gold chest is down one of the corridors. Second one is on left hand side before you go to island. Need to dig a tunnel to it and may need torch to see too.

      Join our guild, Scroggins, as you may need gems for more energy!


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