Duke Nukem 2 Available on the App Store, Get It Now!

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He’s here to kick a** and chew bubble gum and he is, once again, out of gum. Yeah, we’re talking about Duke Nukem and his not so humble beginnings – Duke Nukem 2 has been made available for iOS powered devices and can be downloaded right away from the App Store at the low price of $1.99. That’s indeed a small price to pay for a bit of history!

We’re talking about a game originally launched more than 20 years ago and well before the FPS craze that turned the Duke into the hero he is today. In Duke Nukem 2, the gameplay is that of a side-scrolling title, just like the original. Which should be fun enough for all the retro-loving folks out there, myself included.

Here are the key features of this piece of history brought back to life to the App Store:

– Smooth Side Scrolling Action
– Insane VGA Graphics
– 256 Eye Popping Colors
– Kick A** Weapons
– Amazing Interactive Environments
– 32 Action Packed Levels
– Full Touch Screen Support
– Brutal New Artwork and Music
– Save/Load, Replay and Track Your Highscores

Sounds good? No, it sounds AMAZING! So head over to the App Store and get Duke Nukem 2 right now!


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