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I am a fan of tower defense games, but few actually managed to make the jump to the 3D world and deliver an amazing experience. One that tries and seems to be able to deliver some great action is Total Defense 3D, a tower defense game from the creators of the highly popular I Am Vegend: Zombiegeddon.

The game has a futuristic sci-fi theme in theory, at least because the images available show that the developers didn’t overdo it with the design of the enemies, set it far away galaxies where we have to fight against the armies of the Emperor (whoever that is) and lead the rebellion to glory.

Total Defense 3D for iPhone and iPad does seem to introduce some cool and exciting new elements to the genre, like the ability to destroy bridges and access points, making things easier for you. How this translates in actual gameplay it’s up for you to find out by downloading the game for free from iTunes or by waiting a few days for our review.

Until then, here are the top features of Total Defense 3D according to the devs:

★ Stunning 3D – the real 3D graphics with free camera view
★ Epic story inspired by the classic PC real-time strategies
★ Terramorphing – destroy bridges and ruin enemy passages for maximum tactical advantage
★ Classic RTS features – resources to mine, enemies to eliminate, and base to defend
★ 3 difficulty modes appealing to both casual and hardcore gamers
★ Futuristic soundtrack to amplify the sci-fi atmosphere

Let’s hope that this is a 3D tower defense game done right!


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