Download Temple Run 2 for a Whole New Level of Excitement

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Imangi Studios have just launched the sequel to one of the most popular iOS games ever: Temple Run 2 is available for download from the Apple Store, free of charge, and I am sure you can hardly wait to get your hands on the game and try out the new features of the game.

And there are quite a few new features in Temple Run 2, even though nothing new or groundbreaking if we are to look at other titles in the genre. But still, we will have power-ups, achievements, multiple characters to choose from, stats to improve, as well as better looking graphics and more intense levels (including areas where we’ll have to fly down zip lines and speed along in mine carts) so all in all we can say that we should be pretty excited about this game, especially if we liked the first one.

So head over to Apple Store and download Temple Run 2 for free right now and make sure you’re among the first to play this amazing new title that wrote history for the mobile market. 170 million downloads for the original and I am really curious to see if the sequel will get as popular.


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