Download My Sweet Bakery – Delicious Donuts and Play on PC!

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Did you know that you can download and play My Sweet Bakery – Delicious Donuts on your PC? Indeed, the hit iOS game that puts you in the shoes of a super donut maker can be downloaded and played on your PC, so you no longer have to worry about battery life and playing the game on the small display of your phone. And while we get ready to download and play My Sweet Bakery – Delicious Donuts on PC, make sure to read our tips and tricks for the game to get a head start!

So, how to download My Sweet Bakery for PC? It’s really easy, so follow our steps:

1. Launch Bluestacks (if you don’t have it installed on your computer, download it from here for free).

2. Create an account if you don’t have one and search for the game: search for “My Sweet Bakery” and you will get it with the subtitle Donut Shop instead of Delicious Donuts. But it’s the same game!

3. Install the game and you can now play it for free on your PC whenever you feel like doing so.

Here’s what the game is all about: “Welcome to Delicious Donuts – the sweetest Donut Shop on the app store! Run your own Donut shop! Use professional baking tools to make, fry and decorate delicious donuts and Serve hungry customers! Compete in “Master Cook” the best baking competition in the world, win awesome rewards and become a world famous Baker!”

Have you downloaded My Sweet Bakery – Delicious Donuts on your PC or you prefer playing it on your iPhone or iPad only? Let us know by commenting below!


My Sweet Bakery – Delicious Donuts Cheats & Tips

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