Download Monster Girlz – Spooky Fashion Castle iPhone Game for Kids

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Meet Catalina, Bloody Mary Ann, Freaky Franny and Claw Diva, the Monster Girlz that star in the latest game app hit for kids (and not only, to be honest), Monster Girlz – Spooky Fashion Castle available on iPhone and iPad as a free download. It’s a guaranteed hit for the kids out there, and I must admit that I have really enjoyed playing the game too.

Freaky fabulous outfits are there to be used to dress up your favorite Monster Girl, you can help them put on the scary but cute makeup and help them be the best looking monster girlz in town. The fun activities don’t stop here, as you can also enjoy slimy and gooey snacks with your girls and have fun during the monster tea time. You also have a monster garden to take care of and be amazed with, while the spooky haunted fashion castle awaits for you to unravel its mysteries.

All in all, this is a cute app for kids and adults all over the world, despite it’s spooky element. You’re going to love it anyway, so follow the next link to download Monster Girlz – Spooky Fashion Castle for free: click here!

> Choose your favorite Monster Girl
> Select a room or activity in the castle
> Tap to dress up your Monster Girl
> Decorate monster cupcakes, blow up balloons and more
> Give your Monster Girl the Spooky Spa treatment!
> Snap a picture of your personalized Monster Girl

Have fun!


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