Download FACIE, the Best Selfie App for the iPhone (Guide Here too!)

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Although there are still a few people disagreeing with its usage, the selfie has become a phenomena and it’s slowly taking over the world. But how to take the perfect selfie? I am sure that there are a ton of tips and tricks out there, but we’ll focus on something that no tip can teach you: the under the hood part of things. And it’s all dealt with by FACIE, an amazing photo app for the iPhone that turns your selfies into true works of art. And we have a complete guide to using the Facie app and getting the most out of it!

Creating a perfect selfie is now just a few taps away with FACIE, which has some amazing editing features on the go. Here is what you can do after taking the selfie:

– Get fresh eyes with the instant concealer function. Simply select the bags under your eyes and swipe them away. In seconds!
– The PURE SKIN Filter gives a uniform color and smooth texture to your skin, removes imperfections and shiny areas. All this, in one tap.
– The LEAN FACE Filter is breathtaking. Press it for a natural leaner look, just enough for a great feeling.
– The DIVINE LIGHT Filter shines a gentle pleasant light on your face and removes unwanted shadows.
– The CRISP DETAILS Filter emphasizes eyes and mouth details for a sharp and neat look.

The Facie selfie app for the iPhone also has color filters that enhance any and all photos that you take, and they smartly adapt to skin tones and luminosity of the faces in the picture. In other words, you’re turning into a photo editing expert without having to learn how to use Photoshop or other types of software. This app does it for you and you only have to tap a few times on the screen and select the options that you want to use.

Of course, selfies are not usually meant to be kept away from the public, and that’s why this app also has Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Whatsapp integration, allowing you to share your photos instantly on your social accounts. And if you just want to keep them for yourself, you can also e-mail the photos and save them on your iPhone.

In other words, FACIE is an amazing app if you’re addicted, like most people, to taking selfies and you want to turn them into perfect ones. Download the app now and all your worries and selfie-related problems will go away!


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