Downfall Clash of Factions Cheats: Tips, Tricks and Guide

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Downfall Clash of Factions sends you to a post-apocalyptic future and challenges you to become the best player out there by building up your city, your army, and making sure that you have enough power to keep them all running. Doing that is not the easiest job on earth, but I am here to give you a helping hand with some Downfall Clash of Factions cheats: tips, tricks and overall a guide on what to do and how to do it to best build up your city.

And because knowing everything about a game is what drives you forward, let’s take a look at the game interface first to make sure that you won’t miss a thing:

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Very interesting and important is the fact that only the “background” will change depending on your location (inside the base as in the image above, outside where the resources are or the overall map, ready to attack). To the right of the screen you have all the buttons you need to run your faction: the military training, research and buildings in progress). You can only build one structure at a time and in order to do so, you need to tap an open spot on the map (in the base or outside), having in mind that you can’t build inside structures outside and vice-verse.

At the top, you have all the different types of resources, as well as your name, coordinates, and in the upper left corner, the map (tap it to zoom in from base view to general view and later world view).

Finally, at the bottom of the screen you have the chat channel, the market, a button to access your alliance and the missions that have to be completed in order to unlock new rewards.

Knowing the interface will help you get everything you want as soon as possible and I am sure that now you know where everything is and how to use it. So let’s get to…

Downfall: Clash of Factions tips & tricks

1. Try to follow the missions and complete the recommended one. They usually help you build your city as it should be built. Have in mind though that they seem to pay a little too less importance to the research, so make sure that you also keep researching.

2. Focus on building your base first – you will not need many resources early on, and you already have some buildings dedicated to generating resources. So build up your base – there are a lot of structures to be build and you will need them all for a solid military.

3. Try to be time effective – one major mistake I made early on when playing Downfall Clash of Factions was to build the structures as they were in the menu. Try to find the ones that take the least time to be ready, to make sure that you build as many as possible as soon as possible. Leave the time consuming ones for when you’re taking a break.

4. Always have something to be researched and always build something. You don’t need to save resources or something like that – you keep to grow bigger, stronger.

5. Early on, focus on building up your military. This might change as the game gets more popular, but right now there’s not a huge competition, so you can easily start taking out players and conquer extra zones on the map – so build up your military and attack.

6. If you want to play the peaceful way (I never got attacked since starting to play so you can easily do that), you can build a magazine and upgrade it to protect your resources, making sure that you have just very few resources that enemies attacking you will plunder. If they can’t get resources from you, they won’t attack!

7. Have in mind that the troops you can “enlist” work on the rock, paper, scissors principle, meaning that one specific type of troop is good against one other type and bad against the other. Try to find the balance!

PRO Tip: The first type of troop that we can train is the tank, which is weak against airplanes. So if you have the ability to build them, make sure you do for guaranteed successfull attacks.

8. Attacking surrounding plots is better than attacking other players. Other players might give you nothing in return, but the plots, depending on the type, offer you permanent bonuses. So focus on getting them first, no matter how nice it feels to crush an opposing human player!

9. Buy & Use your power-ups wisely: rarely there is a real need for power-ups, but if you have to use them, make sure to make them count. They are pretty difficult to get in the game for free and the only way to get them is by spending real money, so make sure you don’t send them to waste!

10. Take your time. This is a game that requires a lot of your time, so if you really want to be good at it and become a real power in the game’s world, take your time and have fun playing!

And these are my Downfall Clash of Factions tips, tricks and guide in this cheats article. If you have other tips or valuable advice to share with fellow players, make sure you do so by commenting in the section below.


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