Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Sulley & Boo Character Review / Impressions

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We’ve been playing a lot of Disney Heroes: Battle Mode lately and, as we normally do with games that we love, we have decided to share with you our complete reviews of all characters in the game.

And we’ll start with a Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Sulley & Boo review and character guide because this pair is not only extremely cute, but also extremely helpful in all types of battles.

We see them listed regularly on lists of the best characters in the game as the best tank and we couldn’t agree more!

But let’s check out below our complete Sulley & Boo review and impressions in Disney Heroes: Battle Mode to find out why this pair is so great.

Let’s start by checking out the detailed description in the game. Sulley aka James P. Sullivan is the top Monster at Monsters Inc. Boo is a little girl in a monster disguise. Together, they terrify their foes on the battlefield.

Let’s check out more info about this great character (please note that the screenshot was taken at level 29, after some upgrades so these are not their starting stats):

As you can see, this character (or characters?) is a pure tank that stays up front and delivers pretty big damage to opponents. Sully & Boo also have extremely good health – probably one of the best stats in the game, making this character extremely useful as a tank as it can suck up a ton of damage, keeping the ones at the back safe.

In terms of skills, things look really well also. Let’s check them out listed below:

Scaring is Caring (Fantastic damage): Sulley roars, delivering damage to all enemies and Scaring them for 10 seconds. Attacks that do Fantastic damage always crit against Scared enemies.

Healing Laughter: Boo laughs, healing Sulley for X HP. This skill also triggers at the end of every stage, in addition to during combat.

Toy Tantrum (Fantastic damage): Boo throws toys at three closest enemies, dealing damage.

Scream Power: Sulley gains 219 Skill Points every time an enemy is Scared by anyone. This lasts until the end of the Wave.

So even though the final skill is not that good, the first three that you unlock are truly solid. Sulley is clearly a great choice for dealing Fantastic Damage and overall an amazing tank.

He is great in both campaign missions, as well as all the other types of missions in the game, from Arena battles to the City Watch.

If you want to unlock Sulley & Boo in your game, you can get it as a one-time reward from the multiple choice after joining the game. I personally consider this character the best to choose from the bunch offered.

Alternately (or afterwards) you can get Sulley & Boo (or chips for them) from the Diamond Crate or sometimes from the various shops in the game.

This would be our review and impressions about the Disney Heroes: Battle Mode character Sulley & Boo. Comment below with your own thoughts and maybe strategies for getting the most out of this awesome tank!


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