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When it comes to the world of casual gaming, the genres are pretty well defined: we have hidden object titles, we have time management games and we have match three games. Fortunately, every now and then, somebody decides to mix them up and the results are pretty charming, as is the case of Hidden Wonders of the Depths – a match three game with hidden object elements and even mahjong influences.

Launched by G5 Entertainment for iPhone and iPad, Hidden Wonders of the Depths sends you down underwater to rescue a mermaid, discover ancient treasure and get your own charming set of vibrantly-hued fish.

Gameplay wise, it all starts pretty basic: you’ll have to make sets of at least three tiles in a row to remove starfish, sea anemones, turtles or pearls from his way. Destroy stones, unchain pieces, collect crystals and unlock powerups as you progress. Mahjong-style amusements, where you’ll have to pair identical bricks to collapse them, jigsaw puzzles, where you’ll be generating magical cards, and hidden object scenes, where you’ll need to find all items within a limited time, provide a compelling diversion from match three levels and prolong the playtime.

The game is free to try and you can unlock it via IAP. If you decide to buy the game until April 6th, you’ll get it at the special launch price of $2.99 on iPhone and $4.99 on iPad, so hurry to iTunes and get the version you prefer! (Click here for iPhone and here for Ipad version!)


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