DerpBike Is a Physics Racer That Lets You Ride a Banana

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When the great minds behind Quantum Conundrum decide to create a driving game that lets you ride a motorcycle (to start with) and ends up with a banana-jet, a Gyroscopic Big Wheel and so on, then I am definitely interested. If they add a physics engine into play, then I am completely stoked. And I start talking about DerpBike.

Because, yes, DerpBike is the name of the latest game from Airtight Mobile. Their description of the game beats anything I could come up with, so I’ll simply paste it here for your entertainment: “Do you like racing at ridiculous SPEED? Ridiculous DANGER? Do you like racing at ridiculously DANGEROUS SPEEDS while looking RIDICULOUS and DANGEROUS? OF COURSE YOU DO.”

And since high speed racing is not fun if you do it alone (even with all those crazy stunts and backflips!) DerpBike also offers the chance to play against your friends and colleagues in multiplayer games. And, of course, allows you to ride the Bananabike which is either a very poor design choice for a vehicle, or a very interesting one – depending on how you want to see it.

Yup.. that's a BananaBike!
Yup.. that’s a BananaBike!

Either way, DerpBike is available for download for free from the App Store, so make sure to give it a try despite the crappy visuals. There’s more to a game than just nice graphics!


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