Cut the Rope: Time Travel Announced, Detailed

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The inevitable is happening and ZeptoLab are preparing to release another game in the Cut the Rope series, making sure that pretty soon we’ll do nothing but play their incredible puzzle game. Titled Cut the Rope: Time Travel, the game is mostly a mystery for now, as its developers only announced that it’s coming soon and released a trailer that is not offering too many details, though.

However, it’s pretty obvious that since the previous two titles in the series have been so amazing, the same can be expected from Cut the Rope: Time Travel. With new mechanics and certainly new settings (maybe a trip through the entire human history), there’s a lot of potential here and already a ton of cuteness, as you can see in the teaser trailer below:

No release date is known for Cut the Rope: Time Travel, but it is surely coming soon, so stay tuned and prepare your candy-feeding skills to be tested once again!


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