Crash Cam Is the New Jetpack Joyride for iOS

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If you loved Jetpack Joyride as much as we did, you will be very pleased to hear that there are many games similar to it that treat the genre a bit differently, but eventually offer the same number of amazing hours playing the game. Crash Cam is such a game, recently released as a free download from iTunes for all iOS powered devices.

Coming from Super Squawk Software who released an amazing tower defence game, The Creeps, back in 2008, Crash Cam comes with an interesting take on the genre: you are a movie director following with his camera the action hero of your next big Hollywood hit and your goal is to keep filming until your battery runs dry. Along the way you will collect coins, extra battery juice and avoid obstacles using the simple control of “one tap to be happy”.

Here’s the developer’s game description in case you don’t believe me: “Welcome to Hollywood! You’re the hottest director in-town!! So take your camera & your rockin’ tag-along actor (Mr. A-List Anthony) through crazy film sets using a simple 1-touch control. Avoid obstacles (they will KILL your battery), collect coins (for power-ups & “shopping” in the Prop Shop), and keep your battery charged by collecting new batteries along the way.”

The variety is extreme in Crash Cam and you’ll end up loving this game and trying to beat your score over and over again (and that the high score of your friends), so be sure that you download Crash Cam right now and have fun playing it! It’s free so you have nothing to lose!


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