Cops and Robbers Cheats: Tips to Get Better High Scores and Unlock All Characters

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Cops and Robbers by Boombit is a nice game that has just been released on the App Store – one that challenges us to test our skills when it comes to collecting money and the more, the better. With simple controls (at least in concept) and a lot of challenge to offer, plus a ton of characters to unlock, Cops and Robbers is that type of game that you can’t stop playing. I know because I had a hard time putting it aside for a second to come and share with you today’s Cops and Robbers cheats and tips to get better scores and unlock all characters.

There’s really not very much that I can say to help you, but maybe every little bit helps, so let’s not waste a single second and let’s see if there’s anything we can do to help you get better at playing the game after reading out Cops and Robbers tips and cheats!

1. Play the single player first
There are single- and multiplayer options available and even though you’d probably like to hop in to multiplayer as soon as possible, you should take your time to learn the ropes and play the single player game at least several times. Only after getting better at the game you should try the multiplayer to get the extra rewards.

2. Some characters are faster than others
Not only that the characters that you unlock are cuter (or scarier) than the others, but they also have different speeds when it comes to walking or turning around. You can’t really know how the character plays like until you unlock it, but be prepared to find out that strangely, more expensive characters are not necessarily better. For example, one of the first characters I invested in was Robin the Rich and he’s unplayable because his turning speed is so insanely low and it’s difficult to control him on the board. But if you want a challenge or become the ultimate master, you will have to try all characters.

3. There are no walls
One of the biggest and best advantages you can get in the game is the fact that, unlike most of your enemies, you can walk through the top side of the screen and enter at the bottom. Same goes for the sides. This way you can not only easily escape your followers, but also end up in an area that is completely unguarded, allowing you to snag a few more coins or a power-up.

4. Lure the enemies towards an area
Most of the enemies in the game will follow you, so it would be a good strategy to simply run around in circles in, let’s say, the top area to lure them in, then quickly launch your character at the top to come from the bottom and have the whole bottom area for you for a few seconds. Rinse and repeat and you’ll do really good!

5. Focus on the power-ups
Even though they might look different depending on the character you’re playing, power-ups are extremely useful and you should focus on getting them all: some are as good as removing all the characters from the board (like the pistol) and that gives you the chance for a fresh start. Make sure, therefore, to get the power-ups on the board before they’re gone.

Apart from that, it’s mostly you and your skill to get as far as possible. Get into multiplayer matches when you get a hang on how things are going to increase your rewards in case you win and keep on playing, exploring the characters and remember: practice makes perfect!


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