Coco Star Cheats, Tips & Walkthrough Guide

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Coco Star is a brand new fashion game for the iPhone and iPad. Fully titled Coco Star: Fashion Model Competition, the game challenges us to become super models and rise to fame, get new outfits and learn everything about makeup while completing fun mini-games with great graphics. Sometimes, things can prove to be pretty difficult and for those moments we are here to share with you a bunch of Coco Star cheats and tips and a complete walkthrough for the game.

So if you want to learn it all about all areas in the game and how to get better at it, read on for our Coco Star: Fashion Model Competition cheats and tips!

Coco Star Cinema game
Here, you will be rated based on your appearance and clothes, so always go there when you have the best possible. Also, at the end, you get a mini game where you have to tap the like buttons to increase your score – and this alone can be a game changer, so make sure that you tap the likes and never the dislikes!

Dress Up and Make Up
Probably the most favorite part of the majority of players, this is where you get to try out new outfits and haircuts and turn yourself into a real princess. Tap the “Get free” button in order to get the most of the game and unlock all the cool new clothes and make-up – just make sure that the makeup is added nicely and evenly, take your time!

Coco Star
This is where you fully customize your character, so make sure that you do your best to look perfect!

Time lapse cheat
If you don’t want to spend all that time waiting for the timer to go by before you can visit the Cinema again, you can simply go to the device settings and set the time forward by one day. You can now visit the Cinema and see how much you will score after your latest changes!

If you have other tips and tricks for Coco Star: Fashion Model Competition, let us know below!


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