Classic Board Game Stratego Comes to iPad

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I am a sucker for board games, but I know that pretty soon the cards and dice will be moved online and we’ll play against our friends even though we’re miles away – this is what technology is supposed to do! And when that is going to happen, we’ll get our fair share of Stratego, since Keesing Games have decided to port the board game to the iPad and make it available for download right away. Yuppie!

Stratego is a battle of tactics where calculating generals command an army using careful strategy and cunning deception when deploying troops, setting up defenses on the battlefield and attacking to break through enemy lines to capture the flag for victory. The cherry on top comes by the fact that you cross-platform is enabled (the game’s also available on Facebook) and you’ll never lack opponents to play against.

Available for iPad only, Stratego delivers all the features you would like in a digital… board game:

  • The Board Game… but Digital – Stratego was the board game of choice for generations of armchair generals. The digital version preserves all the details that made the game an instant classic, but now strategy aficionados can play anytime, anywhere.
  • Cross-Platform Play for World Domination – Take on generals around the world with online multiplayer gameplay. The web, Facebook and iPad versions of Stratego are cross-compatible, so Sun Tzu working at a computer can still challenge Napoleon during his commute to work on a train.
  • Customization – No longer is limited time an issue as strategy fans can play challengers in a full 40-piece game or a blitzkrieg 10-piece game. In addition, Stratego offers a bevy of customizable features, such as game pieces and maps.
  • Capture the Flag – The only way for battle commanders to win is by leaving a trail of bodies behind as they hack through enemy lines to uncover the secret enemy flag, all the while avoiding mines, spies and the enemy field marshal.

You have to get a few bucks out of your pocket if you want to play this one ($6.99 to be precise), but by the looks of it, it’s totally worth the money. So download it from iTunes right away and start proving the world you’re the real general out there!


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