Clash Royale: How to Counter Building Deck / Spawner Deck

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One of the most effective and, for me, annoying, decks in Clash Royale is the Building spam deck that you’ve most likely faced (and even likelier lost against) when playing the game. This is horrible, a deck that slowly builds up on lots of low level troops and eventually packs the final blow when you are outnumbered and you really have nothing else to do.

In this article, though, we’ll try to help you with a guide on how to counter the Clash Royale building deck in the game and how to make sure that you grab the win – although it will most likely be a one star or two star win. Yes, it’s true – I have never been able, so far, to get a three crown win against a building spam deck in the game (that was played right, and most are).

So without further ado, here is how to counter building decks / spawner decks in Clash Royale and ensure a win (also called the Hut Spam or Hut Spawn decks):

1. The easiest method – but one that doesn’t work all the time and is risky – is to simply try to ignore the threat and attack the other tower. You might have what it takes to simply rush to the other tower and force your opponent into defending there and ignore the tower where they spawned the hut(s), but it is risky because any moment they have to overload to the side they’re building the huts on, they will do it and most likely catch you unprepared. This is why this method is risky, but if you don’t have the right deck to counter such a strategy, it’s the only way to go and if you play it right you will at least get one tower down and maybe force the opponent rethink their strategy trying to push for the King tower (or simply switch to attacking the other tower if they start spawning huts near the kings’ tower).

2. However, with a carefully chosen deck – a good deck that’s good against other decks as well – you might have a bit more success and I personally recommend this type of strategy as it works best in the long run and can also be used against other types of players, not just hut spawners.

The idea of the deck you should build to counter the Hut Spam / Spawner deck in Clash Royale is based on quick and efficient counter measures. You should have one strong spell in your deck (I would recommend the Fireball as it does more damage than the arrows and costs less than the Rocket) and cards to quickly counter the huts before the opponent gets the number. A combination of low cost cards (like Skeleton army, Minion Horde, Goblins, Archers or Minions) together with some higher damage cards (Hog Rider, Barbarian, Baby Dragon, Prince or Mini Pekka) can completely destroy the enemy and counter their strategy.

What you want to do is to start attacking the side where they deploy their hut(s) on as soon as possible and launch a massive attack, both in number and in strength. Most likely, they will start by playing the Goblin Hut at first or wait for the Barbarian Hut. No matter which one they deploy, you should start by deploying a strong unit close to your tower (like Barbarian, Baby Dragon, Mini Pekka) and wait for their next move. Based on what they play, deploy the second set of troops – which will counter their counter (ha!). Ideally, this time you’ll deploy some high number troops, like the Skeleton Army or Minion Horde to get the sheer number advantage over the enemy. Finally, as soon as you have the Elixir, either hit them with a Fireball (useful if the enemy starts to deploy large numbers close to its towers and you have them all grouped together for an easy kill) or a Hog Rider/Prince to quickly take out both the hut and their tower.

Timing and good selection of the cards is essential here, but if you try this strategy a few times, you will easily see that it’s doable and that this type of deck can really do some damage.

3. There is also a third possibility for you to counter the Building Decks in Clash Royale, but I am not a big fan of it: this is by deploying extra defensive buildings close to your tower to take on the incoming threat. Any type of tower works well, including the Bomber tower (since the enemy will probably try to deploy large numbers of low cost troops that area of effect towers or troops will blast through), but I don’t really like this strategy as you only defend and you don’t really counter your opponent and eventually they will still get the upper hand and advantage over you. That’s why I think it’s way better to just start screaming “Geronimo!” and attack them when they’re not expecting it and grab that win!

Do you use any other strategies to counter the hut spawner decks in Clash Royale? Let us know by commenting below!


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