Clash Royale: Guide to Chests, How to Open & How They Drop

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The Chests in Clash Royale are your friends! The chests – which are awarded usually after winning battles, will give you extra coins to upgrade your cards, as well as new cards or cards for trading or using to upgrade your existing ones. In this article, we will learn everything there is to learn and know about all the types of chests in Clash Royale, how they drop and how to optimize your time in order to minimize waiting and to open them as fast as possible.

At the moment of writing this article, we have the following chests available in the game:

Chest name
Chest contents How to get
Time to Unlock
01-clash-royale-wooden-chestFree Chest Gold + 4 Cards Free every 4 hours Instant
02-clash-royale-crown-chestCrown Chest Gold + Cards Free every 24 hours, you need to win 10 Crowns to unlock Instant
03-clash-royale-silver-chestSilver Chest 27 – 34 Gold & 4 Cards Win a battle 3 hours
04-clash-royale-golden-chestGolden Chest 95 – 108 Gold & 14 Cards (guaranteed Rare) Win a battle 8 hours
06-clash-royale-magical-chestMagical Chest 270 – 338 Gold & 41 Cards (1 Epic & 8 Rares Guaranteed) Win a battle or Buy in Shop for 400 Gems 12 hours (Instant if you buy)
05-clash-royale-giant-chestGiant Chest 743 – 878 Gold & 108 Card (10 Rares Guaranteed) Buy in Shop for 250 Gems Instant
07-clash-royale-super-magical-chestSuper Magical Chest 1620 – 2025 Gold & 243 Cards (8 Epic cards & 48 Rares guaranteed) Buy in Shop for 2,100 Gems Instant

As you can see, not all chests are created equal. The Crown chest will also guarantee you some Gems, while others will randomly reward you with cards. The chest drops in battle are random, but prepare to get mostly Silver ones, with rare drops of Gold chests and even rarer Magical Chests. Also, have in mind that the Free Chests can be stacked: up to two can be stacked, meaning that you can come back to the game every 8 hours and collect two free chests instead of one. This is really important to know during the night – so you can sleep tight, you won’t lose any free chests if you don’t get them soon!

The biggest challenge is micro-managing your chests and how to open them. As you can see, those that are rewarded for free have waiting times attached to them, but if you are smart, you can easily optimize the waiting times: open as many silver chests as you can during the day since you will probably be able to log in more often (or at least every 3 hours) and leave the Gold and Magic chests for over the night: start unlocking them after you unlock the final Silver before going to bed and you’ll have a pretty solid system with as few dead times as possible!

This would be our guide to the Clash Royale chests and we’ll make sure to update it if things change in the near future. Also, if you’re just starting to play the game, don’t forget to check out our tips & tricks for beginners.


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