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Although we did cover some basic Clash Royale attacking tips in our generic beginner’s guide, there is a lot more left to be said about attacking your opponent in the game and how to do it right from start to the end, in order to get three crown wins and obliterate your opponent. Therefore, I have decided to share with you today a complete Clash Royale guide to attacking and hopefully you will be able to put it to good use.

Usually, it’s not pure attacking that you will be doing, but counterattacking – but sometimes it pays off to be the one who makes the first move and forces the opponent to make the defensive move and potentially waste their elixir countering you. It is extremely important, when attacking first, to make the right move because otherwise you risk losing the head start in battle and recovering is very difficult.

Therefore, if you want to attack in Clash Royale the right way – and be the first one to deploy troops, you have two options:

1. The ideal one, wait for your Elixir bar to fill and deploy one tank and a good defensive card for that tank. I’m thinking about something like Giant and Baby Dragon or similar. Always start by deploying your tank and wait a bit to see what’s your opponent’s move. If they deploy archers, go with a ground unit to defend your Giant. But this move is a bit risky because the opponent might deploy a card before you, while you wait for the Elixir bar to fill up, and you’ll be forced into defense.

2. Throw a low cost card at your opponent. It depends on what you have, but I would recommend dropping a 3-elixir card as soon as you get to about 6 elixir and charging for 7. Drop a Knight or some Archers, or even the lower cost Goblins and see what your opponent does next. The trick when using this tactic is to deploy the card deep in your area, maybe even behind your arrow towers, to have some extra time on your side. Usually, when you drop a lower cost card, the opponent will “fully charge” and send expensive cards into play. You can then easily blast one or two cards to destroy their offense and go on offense yourself.

Alternately, when using this strategy, if your opponent sends in a card that can be attacked by yours (let’s say you deploy archers and he brings in a baby dragon), then you can easily attack the other side with your top card. Your archers and tower will destroy the Baby Dragon before it does any real damage and your attacking cards on the other flank will take out the tower.

It’s all about the strategy when it comes to attacking in Clash Royale!

And when I say strategy, I have three things in mind: the preparation part that I mentioned above, card combos which are extremely important and the ability to turn battles that you’re about to lose in your favor. Let’s focus on the second two attacking-related strategies below!

How to turn a battle you’re losing in your favor

This is not easy, but you can still get a win or at least secure a draw even if you’re trailing and it seems that there’s no way out. Usually, an opponent will focus their attacks on a single tower of yours and you will defend/counter the same area. If they have the upper hand, you should stop thinking about countering that particular area and instead focus on defense only. Defend that tower as good as possible while trying to get enough Elixir to drop a big attacking card on the other side. If you can drop a Giant, then quickly drop a good card behind (like Archers or Musketeer), you will take your opponent by surprise and they will have to switch their attention to that side – if they don’t, you get their tower but they will usually win your tower as well. However, it’s still better for you since your other tower was already low on health and on the brink of destruction. So always try to get the most from any type of situation and understand that it’s not over until the time runs out! But usually you can even turn a battle in your favor if you do such a move which will completely even the balance and give you a new fighting chance.

Always think about using card combos

Sending a Skeleton army, some Goblins and a Bunch of Minions might sound like a good idea, but they will be instantly taken out by Arrows or even a splash damage card. The Giant is extremely dangerous by itself, but if you pair it nicely with a solid troop (like Baby Dragon, Archers or Musketeer), he becomes even more dangerous. Find what are the best combinations of cards to use in battle – either by using common sense, trying out on your own, reading our guides or watching replays, and start using them. Keep your cards for that perfect, flawless attack in a perfect combination and you will get a lot more in battle.

Cheap cards are not the best for attacking

Many people try to keep their Elixir costs low when it comes to their deck, considering that a good attacking strategy is that of sending as many troops into battle as possible. Although it could be dangerous, the problem with all the low cost troops when it comes to attacking (or even defending) is that they have incredibly low health and tons of troops can be taken out instantly by area damage spells or troops. Don’t be afraid to bring the big guys to your deck and wait a little bit to get the Elixir to use them: you might be on the slower side, but once you unleash your cards, you will be unstoppable and get perfect attacks. Don’t ignore cheap cards, though, as they can be excellent for defending purposes – play them for cheap, while waiting to get the Elixir to fill up for your attacking cards.

This would be my Clash Royale guide on attacking for now – but if you have solid strategies to share with us when it comes to attacking and doing it right, let us know by commenting below!


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