Clash Royale Giant: Overview, Guide & Useful Combos

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We’re starting our Clash Royale card overview series with a Giant card guide that will show you everything you need to know about this fan favorite card (and so far, one of my favorites!), including a complete description, how to use it, useful combos and all the tips I can think of that include this card. So let’s get this started and let’s learn everything there is to be known about the Clash Royale Giant!

Clash Royale Giant Overview


Slow but extremely durable, the Giant only attacks buildings, completely ignoring other troops around him. He deals a large amount of damage per hit and is considered a tank: he has very high health, meaning that he can absorb a ton of damage. This makes the Giant extremely useful when it comes to protecting other weaker troops and acting as a shield. This is a Rare card, meaning that it doesn’t drop as often as other more common cards, so upgrading it won’t be very easy. It costs 5 Elixir.

Clash Royale Giant: How to Use


The main use for the Giant is as a shield: drop this big guy in front, then deploy troops that deal more damage but have less health behind him and let show begin! He usually has enough health to reach a tower and even cause some damage, if paired with some troops that clean enemies around him. These two things make the giant an extremely useful card to use in combat, especially in the early stages of the game.

The Giant can also be used defensively as a counter-attack for the Prince card, one that I really hate because I consider it very difficult to counter early on. But if you deploy a Giant in front of the Price, he will hold it down for long enough to destroy it with your tower and other troops. However, this usually means that you’re sacrificing your Giant for higher purposes. Better than losing a tower, in my opinion!

Clash Royale Giant Combos

1. The obvious combo is pairing the Giant with ranged attackers: from cheap archers or goblins to a more expensive Baby Dragon, these combinations work really good and can take down a tower, together with a lot of enemies, wreaking havoc on your opponent’s side.

2. For a quick tower destruction, you can pair the Giant with a high damage unit (like a Pekka) or a large group that’s difficult to take out, like the Skeleton Army (using this has the risk of losing all the skeletons to a smartly placed Arrows attack or a splash damage dealing unit like the Valkyrie)

3. Although risky, you could also try to pair the Giant with a Valkyrie, especially if you know or expect the opponent to try and counter it with a Skeleton Army. The Valkyrie would easily take them out and give you more time to destroy the tower. However, the other strategies seem to work better than this one.

Tips: I usually start my attacks with a Giant, after waiting to get to at least 9 Elixir. You pair them up as you can and they can indeed deal a lot of damage. Don’t rush to send the guy alone though, he will rarely be able to do any damage and at 5 Elixir, it’s a big cost to waste a card. Also, I always try to keep a Giant if the opponent has a Prince card because it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Overall, the Giant is one of my favorite cards in the game so far and I’ve had great success using it in battle. If you have other tips on how to use it to get the most out of it, don’t hesitate to share them in the comment section below!


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