Clash Royale: Best Arena 3 Deck with Basic Cards

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My trip to Arena 3 in Clash Royale was very quick and I thought that I rule this game, judging from how fast I got there. However, once I reached the third Arena, things started to get a bit more difficult and I had to really think about my deck and try to find a super deck – one that goes with my basic cards and zero real life money spent in the game (actually, that is not entirely true as I did spend $5 for a video I made). Still, the cards that I have are very basic and obtained almost exclusively through donations and chest openings, meaning that you have big chances of having them all as well.

So I have for you a great Clash Royale Arena 3 deck recommendation today, a deck that managed to get me quite a bit of wins and very few defeats (no 3 crown defeats since I started using it!) and which got me to Arena 4 without a problem. Sounds nice? It sure is, so let’s check out my great Clash Royale Arena 3 deck below:


If you want to see the deck in action in some of its earlier stages, don’t forget that there’s a video at the end of the article which you should watch to see some battles and exact strategies on how to use this deck to take full advantage of it.

And now let’s talk about my Arena 3 deck a bit, because strategy is an important factor when it comes to deciding how many crowns you’re going to win with (see? I don’t even doubt that you’ll keep winning with this deck!)

As you can imagine, the most important element of this deck is the Prince who can single-handedly destroy a tower or at least cause a ton of damage to it if the opponent is not suspecting it. The video embedded at the end of the article shows the strategy in practice, but if you don’t want to watch it, here is how you should play: send “decoys” on one side, by deploying lower cost troops (like your archers or Knight) and wait for the opponent to drop their cards. Patience is important, but as soon as you know that they have no more Elixir left and you’re pretty much covered on that side, drop the Prince on the other and he will cause a ton of damage. This is the surprise move that usually wins you the game!

That won’t always work, so you have to keep on sending the troops that you have. Use the Barbarian/Baby Dragon Combo as often as possible as it is an extremely powerful combo, and keep all the other troops for defense purposes and for giving it a final push when you’re starting to get the numbers against your opponent.

This is a really good deck that got me a ton of wins (mostly 1 and 2 crown wins, it’s true – but it’s still wins) and no opponent has ever managed to get the whole three crowns from me, even though I did play against higher level players. So give it a try, I am sure you will like it.

Now, as promised, here is the video showing the Clash Royale Arena 3 deck that I just recommended in action:

What to do if you don’t have the Prince? Well, unfortunately the deck doesn’t work as well without him, but you can replace him with the Giant and wait for the perfect time to send the Giant/Baby Dragon combo which is absolutely deadly!

Do you have thoughts about this deck? Have you tried using it? Share your results with us in the comment section below.


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