Circle Surfer Cheats & Tips to Get a Super High Score

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Circle Surfer is a great skill game that has just been launched for the iPhone and even though it doesn’t bring a new concept, it remains a great game to play and one that you will indeed play over and over again trying to get the highest possible score and beat your friends there. And we are here to help with a bunch of Circle Surfer cheats and tips that will get you to the top of the class and maybe the leaderboards too – although this latest achievement will be difficult to unlock.

But let’s not waste any time and instead let’s check out below some Circle Surfer cheats and tips that will hopefully give you the upper hand in the next game and help you get the highest possible score!

First of all, it’s worth mentioning the fact that the insanely high scores on the Leaderboards are most likely those from people who somehow managed to hack the game and gave themselves the maximum score. Scroll down a little bit and notice those under 1,000 – most likely those are the highest scores you can hope for, so make that your goal. But until we get to 1,000, let’s see how to get past 100!

The most important tip I can offer is to ignore the diamonds – when I started playing, I also payed a lot of attention to the diamonds and they are just distractions. Instead, try to completely ignore them and only focus on the obstacles ahead – when they appear, how many are in a row and how to avoid them. Diamonds are collected along the way automatically and it’s not them you have to worry about.

Tap quickly – as quick as possible, actually, when you have three or more obstacles in a row because if you are too slow, you risk hitting them with your character before they even go up. Be precise though and take your time after a longer series because otherwise you will tap the screen too soon and it will hit you coming back down!

Ignore the score otherwise you will again get distracted, lose focus and get the game over message. Don’t look at the high score and focus only on your route and obstacles – that’s the only thing that matters, really, and anything else that distracts you even for a fraction of a second, will result in a game over. Don’t lose your focus!

Because, in the end, getting as far as possible in Circle Surfer is all about staying focused on your task and tapping at the right time. If you manage to eliminate all the distractions, then you will already perform better than the reset and you will see that getting over 100 constantly is easy. And from there to 500 it’s just a matter of practice! Good luck and don’t give up!

And don’t forget – if you have extra advice or other Circle Surfer tips and cheats to share with fellow players, let us know by commenting below!


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