Check Out the Leaked iPad Pro, the Huge Upcoming Tablet from Apple

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It seems that Apple have a lot of great surprises prepared for the world, as online leaks show us that they are working on a huge iPad tablet that’s going to be known as the iPad Pro. This comes just days after the leak regarding the upcoming 12 inch MacBook Air and hopefully Apple has even more similar surprises for us.

Back to the iPad Pro, as you can see in the leaked image for yourself, it’s absolutely huge and that really tickles my senses and makes me giggle like a little girl. Now that’s what I want from an Apple tablet and I pray to God that it’s not a fake!

According to website Gizmo China who leaked the story and images, it looks like the new iPad Pro will be just as big as the aforementioned MacBook Air: around 12 inches in size, which is HUMONGOUS! Check out one more leaked photo below:

iPad pro 02

Of course, as exciting as the news might sound, this should be taken with a grain of salt: there is no official confirmation on this and it might be too early to consider the leak real. But most likely something is being worked on and this might just be it. We have nothing in terms of specifications, so we’ll have to wait. Not too long, though, because my fingers are itching to give this iPad Pro a try!


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