Caveman Pong Cheats: Tips & Strategy for a Great High Score

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Caveman Pong is a game that you’ll keep playing, over and over again, even though you know perfectly that you won’t get too far in the game. But the fact that you can keep going and probably the fact that your friend has a better score than yours is what makes you replay and restart and give it one more try and so on. We’re here to try and help you a bit with a series of Caveman Pong cheats and tips that will hopefully at least keep you sane if not help you get a much better high score.

So without further ado, here’s my opinion regarding some Caveman Pong tips and cheats!

1. Hit the ball when jumping, not falling
You can anticipate the jump’s speed a bit easier that your fall, which is slower and in the end difficult to anticipate. So always play the game with the strategy to hit the ball when jumping, not when landing. Otherwise you’re doomed. You are, anyways!

2. Try to anticipate the trajectory
You can normally tell the height of the ball from the moment you send it towards the building. This gives you a few milliseconds more to anticipate the trajectory and decide when is the perfect time to jump. From experience, I never got a ball so low that it would hit the caveman’s feet, so even if you think it will be a low ball, it’s still worth jumping when it is really close – better be safe than sure!

3. Hate for the little monster
Whenever the ball hits the creeping monster that appears every now and then, it will change directions. This makes the whole thing even more complicated, as the height of the ball will change, so always be ready to perform a quick jump in case your Pong hits that little monster, whatever it is.

4. Understand you can’t win
This game is extremely frustrating, because you want to keep going and trying, but the truth is that you can’t win. The most you can hope for is a high score better than that of your friends’. However, don’t make a goal out of this as remember that most people will probably struggle to get to 10 or even 5 points!

5. Take breaks
As you get angry, you will start playing worse. This is a fact. So there’s no other thing that I can recommend than to take short or longer breaks, calm down, and get back to the game. You will see that everything seems easier when you play with a cool head.

And this would be it – I know it’s not much, but if you have other Caveman Pong cheats or tips to share, let us know! If not, at least brag with your high score!


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