Castle Creeps Guide: How to Get 3 Stars in All Missions

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Castle Creeps is a beautifully-made tower defense game available on iPhones and Android powered smartphones. The game is extremely challenging and proves that completing each stage with the maximum of 3 Stars is very difficult unless you know what you’re doing. And we’re here to help you with that and give you some tips and tricks on what to do in order to complete all the Castle Creeps missions with 3 star ratings.

It will not be easy and you will most likely need to come back for replays later on in the game, but I am sure that our tips and tricks will help a lot. So let’s not waste a second and let’s check out below App Amped’s guide for Castle Creeps: how to get 3 stars in all missions.

1. First of all, it’s extremely important to strategically plan your tower deployment. Even though it’s all pretty simple during the initial stages, a solid placement of the right towers in the right places is needed for mastering later levels.

I usually play each level at least twice and I always consider the first run a test run: I do my best to complete it and get at least one star, then I replay the mission knowing what towers should be placed and where because I know where the enemies come from and what types of enemies we’ll be facing.

2. So knowing your enemies is extremely important as well. I am not talking just about their types – which matter indeed – but most importantly, the types of enemies and where they come from. In later levels where there will be multiple entrances for the enemy troops, you will notice that one area will more often produce enemies that are quick and come in large numbers, while another will produce slower, stronger enemies that come in smaller numbers.

It’s vital to know this information and pair it with the tip #1. Place more Magic Towers for slower enemies, and try to set up Cannons for the groups. Of course, Infantry towers positioned at the right spot are a must!

3. Your heroes can change the course of battle, so make sure you use them the right way. They should always take part into battle and their special abilities should be used at the right time. For example, Lance does damage and stuns multiple enemies around him, so it only makes sense to use that power when there are more enemies around – and ideally when they’re in the firing range of multiple towers so it’s easier to take them out.

You can move heroes on the map and you should usually keep them in pairs. Lance and Stonelord are usually great in pairs, while Elis can act alone but kept a bit away from the firing range.

Finally, when it comes to unlocking new heroes or even leveling them up, things can change the course of battle. So as soon as you unlock a new hero or manage to level one up, you can return and replay a mission that you haven’t mastered already and try to do so with your newly gained extra strength.

4. Keeping your towers upgraded is also extremely important, but you should be smart about upgrading them because otherwise things will get a bit more complicated. And I am talking here about upgrading their stats with resources in the main menu, not leveling them up in the battle!

The order of importance (in which to upgrade the towers) is the following: Bow towers should be upgraded first, followed by Infantry Towers, then Magic Towers and finally Cannons.

You should try to get the first Bow Tower to Level 3 first, then work on the Tier 2 Bow Tower and so on. At level 3, each tower gets a boost and even though I am not sure this is the case, it would make sense for that boost to carry over to the new tower tier.

The difficult thing is that you need to micromanage resources and coins smartly, because all towers share resources. That’s why it’s best to focus on each at a time – and always start with the most useful which, in my opinion, is the Bow tower.

5. Don’t be afraid to just complete missions at first – even if it’s with just one star. This gives you extra resources anyway, which you should pile up on in order to upgrade your heroes and towers. Replay completed missions as well and never spend the valuable and hard to get coins on getting the second material after a won battle. Just play over and over again, gain enough materials for upgrades, then come back with better stats and master those early levels!

Castle Creeps TD is a challenging game that can’t be mastered over night, so be patient, play the missions over and over again, work on upgrading heroes and towers, learn the routes and enemy types that the game throws at you and perfect tower placement and you’ll be just fine. Getting three stars in all missions will now seem easier and you’ll achieve it faster!

If you have other tips that you think could be used by fellow players, let us know by sharing your comment below.


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