Can You Steal It Walkthrough: Level 8 Solution

We’re back with a new level in our Can You Steal It walkthrough – we’ve gotten all the way to level 8 and that is what we’re going to complete with the help of this article. So prepare for the Can You Steal It level 8 walkthrough in case you got stuck and can’t get to the required item.

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1. Check out the piece of paper on the desk. Notice the code 7461.

can you steal it walkthrough level 8 - 01

2. Get the box of matches from the table. Take a key that’s near the pink vials on the top shelf.

3. Zoom into the bottom cabinet and use the key to open it. Get a measuring glass from there.

4. Tap the bottle with yellow liquid near the books and add the measuring glass under the tube. Use the matches to light the candle under the bottle and get the now filled measuring glass.

can you steal it walkthrough level 8 - 02

5. Tap the strange blue device on top and add the liquid in the glass.

can you steal it walkthrough level 8 - 03

6. Use the code (7461) to unlock it. Now tap the machine again and get your item.

And this is it! We have now completed the Can You Steal It Level 8 and we’re ready for a brand new challenge. You have the walkthrough for it here, so stick with us!


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