Can You Steal It Walkthrough: Level 6 Solution

We’re back with the Can You Steal It walkthrough, and we’re moving to level 6 of the game. Below you have, therefore, the complete solution with screenshots to make everything as easy as possible for you. So check out below the Can You Steal It Level 6 Walkthrough!

Or if you need help with previous levels, check out our solution article to levels 1 – 5.

1. Tap the Green bottle on the counter and take it.

can you steal it walkthrough level 6 - 01

2. Tap the red box and get a glove. Use the green bottle on the rusty handle on the red box and open it. Take the sink strainer.

3. Get the key in a jar in a purple substance from the table and zoom into the sink:

can you steal it walkthrough level 6 - 02

4. Put the strainer on and use the jar with the sink. Use the glove and get the key. Use the key on the locked cabinet and you will see a safe.

5. Go back and tap the machine on the top counters. Tap the button under it and you will see the code (9258)

can you steal it walkthrough level 6 - 03

6. Use the code on the safe to open it and get the vial from there. You’re done!

So we’ve completed level 6 in the game, the level 7 solution is next for you to check out if you get stuck!


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