Can You Steal It Level 12 Walkthrough / Cheats

Can You Steal It Level 12 walkthrough here! It’s been a great ride so far and it’s only getting better, so let’s check out together the complete solution, with screenshots, for Can You Steal It Level 12 – one of the most challenging stages of the game so far. So let’s get this started, there is a diamond to get!

Don’t forget that we have also published the solutions for the previous levels and you can check them out here: levels 1 – 5, level 6, level 7, level 8, level 9, level 10, level 11. Now let’s move on to the Can You Steal It level 12 complete walkthrough!

1. Tap on the image with planets and notice the order of colors from left to right:

can you steal it walkthrough level 12 - 02

2. Zoom into the exhibit with planet and tap them in the correct order: Sun (the one in the middle), small red/orange one, purple, blue, gray, brown.

3. The image will move down to a box. Take the tweezers near the box. Also, open the box’s door and get the magnifying glass.

4. Zoom in to the feet of the dinosaur. Use the tweezers to remove the coin, and the magnifying glass to look at it: you will see the code 1673.

can you steal it walkthrough level 12 - 03

5. Tap the right hand sign and you will be taken to a computer. Enter the code there. You will see a selection of vases:

can you steal it walkthrough level 12 - 04

6. What matters with this vases is their size. Zoom into the bottom of the left hand sign and change the code there according to the height of the vases as seen in the image below:

can you steal it walkthrough level 12 - 06

7. Tap the code again and get the key. Now zoom at the bottom of the right hand sign and use the key to open the door. Get the tool.

8. Finally, use that tool to cut the glass and get the diamond. You’re done!

And this is it! We have now completed the 12 stages of Can You Steal It, but hopefully there will be an update soon with even more levels. We’ll make sure to let you know if that happens.


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